Saturday, August 6, 2016

Finish Your Summer To Do List

Written By: Shannon Boyce

Remember how ambitious you were at the start of the season? You whipped up a fabulous summer to do list... full of exciting activities and memorable things to do. Somehow? The summer months have passed by in a blur of responsibilities. Before long, hot and humid temperatures will give way to cool breezes and autumn leaves. That doesn't mean you should give up on that bucket list. At least not yet! It is time to get dedicated. These tips will help you finish your summer to do list in no time.

Be Realistic and Pare Down Your List.
It is okay to be honest. Perhaps your original list was a little too elaborate for such a short span of time. There were likely pages upon pages of great ideas. Like an afternoon at the beach, eating cherry flavoured snow cones, buying tickets to a baseball game, taking a boat ride, baking chocolate chip cookies, or heading to a farmer's market. All great ideas. Unfortunately, too many great ideas can make your to do list feel impossible and overwhelming. Take a minute or two now to pare down your list. Get rid of anything that is unimportant. Focus your attention on activities that will make the rest of summer feel special.

Schedule Time To Tackle Your List.
Organization is everything. Especially when you have specific things that you want to accomplish in a short period of time. One of the main reasons that to do lists is only half finished? There was no specific plan in place to turn those goals into a reality. Go through your list. Then schedule days to do each activity. (Leave spontaneous items like "dance in the rain" off your schedule, but pick days that work for things like "spend a day at the beach" and "clean up the garden.") Making concrete plans will help you find time for everything you want to do - and ensure that you cross those activities off of your summer to do list.

Rope In Your Friends and Family.
Searching for a little motivation? Try including friends and family members in your quest to complete that seasonal to do list. They will keep you focused and make you accountable. Oh, and they can also join you for some of those fun summer activities! Did you want to have a fondue night? Invite your BFF's over. Are homemade s'mores on your wish list? Go camping with your immediate family. There are so many ways to include the people you love in your summer. So, ask!

Combine Different To Do List Tasks.
If time is on your mind...then it is worthwhile to combine different to do list tasks whenever possible. Do you want to read Pride and Prejudice? Work on your tan? Do both at once. Or you can make homemade trail mix and bring it to the park (where you can make an attempt to fly a kite). Look at your list with a creative mind. Once you determine which tasks can work together - your list will be complete before you know it.

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