Thursday, August 11, 2016

Day 37 & 38 ~ No Gym :( , Playing Video Catch Up, & Getting Ripped Off!

Day 37 ~ Wednesday, August 10th

This morning was a bust - for the gym at least. Mark decided, at 4:30 am that it was time to play and I couldn't get him back to sleep until 5:15 am. Usually, this would really bother me, but I wasn't even asleep. From midnight til he woke up, I was counting more sheep (like I did the other night). I took a relaxing bath with a soothing bath bomb from LUSH, drank both milk and water (not together), laid in the dark for over an hour listening to my fan...and still nothing. I guess we really did need that playtime this morning. The thought of even getting Mark dressed and heading to the beach to see the sunrise crossed my mind. I could be at the beach in 30 minutes at that time; no one is driving then.

I spent the remainder of the day planning my 31 Day Challenge Confidence live videos; planning what to say and if I should have cue cards or not. If I should have cards holding up specific information or not, etc.

I was skimming through a few magazines trying to find more recipes to modify into Paleo friendly... Cosmo isn't a good magazine for that. Most of the recipes I've been finding, contain a TON of carbs. I decided to do a few searches on Pinterest and BOOM.... Paleo friendly recipes. Even some were so good, that I wish I had a magic fork to reach through the computer screen to take a bite.

Check out these babies... I am totally trying these...

My mouth is watering just looking at them. Yum!

So, today my Greens arrived. I've been out for a few days and I've severely missed it in my shakes. They just aren't the same without my Greens. Plus, I also needed to prepare my next sample bags to have on hand when needed.

Day 38 ~ Thursday, August 11th

Today, I was able to catch up on two of my live videos...while I still have three to do, I was able to make a dent in them at least. I have a bad, bad, bad habit of saying "um...", but if you are watching along in my videos, you will notice that I will pause without saying "um..."... I'm starting to catch myself and the wheel in my head is slowing processing it. Hahaha.

End of the Day ~ Exhausted on 3 Hours of Sleep
The last three video's I've done, I realized today after finishing two, that I don't have my make up done, my hair is pulled back in a ponytail/bun, I look like the exhausted stay-at-home-mom. Ugh, definitely going to be changing that. I bought some new earrings a few weeks ago, that I still haven't worn. They are completely out of my comfort zone, but according to all my friends... I need to leave that behind and be more outgoing. I need to wear brighter colors and look more like a girl, than a mom.

This morning's video was about my favorite product, which is of course the Greens. Mark was my little assistant. He was thrilled I was letting him touch my Bullet shaker. I was even more shocked, when he wanted some of my shake after we finished making it. By the way, Greens is completely safe for little one's. Otherwise, I would have never given him a sip.

Now, whether you're already a mom or going to have children in the need to be aware that there are quite a few children consignment stores that will give you close to nothing back for your gently used toys/clothes/shoes, etc. Today, I brought in a $60 Step 2 Whisper Ride 2 Buggy in Blue that my son used for almost a year. I received it at a garage sale for $20. I wasn't expecting to get $60 back for it, but I take very good care of Mark's bigger toys, so that I can use any money they I receive for them for future toys or put the money into his savings account (I'll do another post about that). But, because it was "a little faded"... we live in Florida...what toy won't be? They only offered me $12. Now, I rather take the $12, than to have this sit in my garage for several months gathering dust. And, I did. I took the $12. But, every children's consignment store will do that. In a few days, it will be posted on their Facebook page for at least $30. I've seen them do that with other large toy items that I've dropped off to them. 

I'm heading to the gym in the morning and I'm going to log everything that I do. I'd like to start adding my workout routine to my future posts, as well as setting alarms in my cell phone to remind me to take pictures of all of my food! I'm horrible at remembering that. After the gym, I'll be hitting up a grocery store on the way home, picking up some much needed fruit and some deli I'm out and don't think I'll make it to Sunday's shopping/meal prep day.

So, onto better changes within the next few days. I didn't do weigh in this morning, due to so much going on today, but my weigh in will be on Saturday morning, Day 40. 

So, over the next few days... I need to remember:
  • Do my hair and makeup before any videos (no more looking like a tired mom).
  • Weigh In Saturday morning. Also do measurements.
  • Hit the gym and log my entire workout.
  • Grocery Shopping & Meal Planning!
Keep me accountable!

On to Day 39...

Good night everyone!

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