Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weight ~ Self Image ~ Past, Present & Future

Day 17's weigh in ignited the idea for the post. This is a rather embarrassing post for me, since it's about my weight and what I think about my own body. As we're way past Day 17 now, I wanted to talk about my weight before I continued on. I rather you, my readers and my writers, get the full picture of me, so that the future posts will mean more.

How do you weigh yourself? In your bra and underwear? Fully-clothed? In your birthday suit? I weigh myself in my birthday suit... why? I believe it is the best way to get the most accurate reading. Just make sure your scale battery isn't dying and giving you a different number each time. I go with the best out of three.

How much did I weigh before Day 1?

  • Before my car accident in 2011, after graduating the police academy in 2010, I weighed 180 pounds on the dot. I had a physical literally a week before the accident. I was going to the gym 2-3 times a week, running 1-2 miles, doing a bunch of calisthenics and gradually gaining muscle and losing weight. My diet was still pizza, fries and soda, but I was burning more than what I putting into my body. It definitely wasn't considered "healthy" by a nutritionists standards, but I was active and eating whatever I wanted...and STILL losing weight and gaining muscle.
  • Before I found out I was pregnant with Mark in 2013, I weighed 208 pounds. After being told to stop my active lifestyle by all my doctor's, it was no surprise I gained weight. I gained 14 pounds each year. For someone that went from active to not at all, that's not that bad. It was, however, a few months before I would gain anything. The pregnant treated me well in the weight department, until the end. I didn't gain anything until I was 5 months pregnant, then my weight took on a mind of it's own... aka cravings. While the doctor's weren't even close on the size of Mark when he was born, they were right on the fact that most of my pregnancy weight was because of three things... the baby, the afterbirth and water. I gained 56 pounds during my pregnancy and ended up losing 42 pounds before Mark was three months old. I didn't breastfeed, because he was a lazy baby. I literally peed out all of my weight (sorry, that was graphic).
  • It's been two years now since Mark was born. Two long, hard years. Becoming a new mom, then a single mom, going through the depressed stage (where you eat all the time), I tried different things to lose weight and nothing was working. The gym? Nope. Cutting out carbs? Nope. Joining Shakeology/21 Day Fix? Nope. I knew I desperately needed something to light the fire and my metabolism... which was sssslllllllllllooooooooooowwwwwww.
Mark's second birthday was a week away and I was finally tired of being "tired mama." I like being as active as I can with him - as much as my body allows. My friend, Allison, talked me into trying the It Works! way... yes, I was extremely skeptical. Did the cleanse... visually, I didn't see a chance in my size that weekend, but the scale told a different story.

So, how much did I way before Day 1?
248 pounds.

I was a "tired mama" who wanted to be more active with her son. I wanted to cut down on the carbs, completely cut out soda, eat healthier, join the gym and go more than once a week. I wanted to be the old me... the "in-shape me," but I rather be the healthier mama...I can work my way to both goals at the same time.

What is my goal weight/size?

Ideally, I would LOVE to be 150 pounds and in a size medium top and size 12 jeans. I would love to get rid of this mama belly pooch, maybe have some abs working in progress, be able to bench press 180 pounds and leg press 220 (that's what I was able to do in weightlifting in high school).

I also want to have that "hot mama" body...the one that says "you had a 9 lb 6 oz baby?!"

While 150 pounds is still a ways to go, I will continue to push for it. 


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  1. You are doing amazing! Thank you for being my "guinea pig" (sorry pig probably was a bad choice of words but guinea pigs are so cute and cuddly!) and trying out the Thermofit and Fat Fighters that I can't take!!! I love watching your success and getting your testimony!!! Now that I am gaining weight, I'm going to join you in the gym to gain some muscle soon!!!