Monday, July 25, 2016

4 DIY Decor Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

Written By: Deanna

If you're like me, you're trying to decorate/redecorate your house on a budget. It's not always easy, but I've come up with a few ideas that I'm hoping can help you!

Reuse Hangers.
The first thing you should do before going out and buying stuff, is look around at what you already have. What could be super cute if you painted it? What could be turned into a shelf? Note: Have you seen people turning old drawers into shelves? So cute.

Old Boxes.
Don't forget all those awesome boxes you have downstairs from online shopping!

I'm super bad for this one, actually. We do so much shopping and we normally end out getting big boxes, it's so easy to turn them into something cute! Even if it is just a coat of paint!

Anyways, if it is just a storage box, it doesn't need to be anything totally fancy. All that matters is that it keeps your items safe - right?

The fact is, you're always going to need more boxes, so at least make sure they look cute. That way no one will care if how many "junk boxes" you have! All people will care about is the fact that they are cute!

Canvas + Paint + Anything = Awesome.
See this picture?

Yes, it can be done with anything, pretty much. Flowers, leaves, tape designs, stencils.

Chances are, you can find something laying around your house and/or yard - and canvases can be found at most dollar stores these days. So, your biggest expense will probably be the spray paint, but that's okay! You'll use it for something else, right you avid DIY-er (or just simple non- DIY-er person who needs cheap décor inspiration)?

Spray paint is one of the few things that can so quickly and easily change the way something looks. When it comes to a house, a fresh coat of paint and work wonders - the same can be said for the bird bath, an old table, a desk, some trash cans - you get the idea.

A Few Rocks.
This may be a drastic move for me, but I'm going to assume you live somewhere you can get rocks out in the... er, wilderness? Outside, without having to pay for them, for free! That's what I mean.

So, all that should cost you money is the paint, unless you can't get a hunk of wood for free, you might have to drop a little money  on it, but try checking out hardware stores and asking if they have any small pieces. Chances are, they will. A lot of people bring unused lumber back, or some places even cut small amounts.

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