Friday, July 29, 2016

Sugar Devil vs Real Food

Hello Everyone,

I enjoy eating, I eat often, I eat out, I eat lots of food. Like how many avocado can someone eat in one day? It's easy to eat...when I plan ahead of my meals - it takes all the overthinking out of my day of what I'm going to put in my mouth throughout the day.

So, the devil. It will tempt you, it will tear you down, but you have the power to choose, the power to say no to sugar. There are days that I indulge in a few M&M's, but I remind myself that I need to walk more or go harder in the gym. Sugar messes with your energy, your attitude, your aches and pains and, of course, your weight! To name a few, decrease the sugar. I'm not talking about just cookies and cake, I'm also talking about bread, pasta, rice, cereal, snacks, etc. It all turns into sugar, and it stores as fat.

The key, as mentioned in the first post, is to eat REAL FOOD... in their most natural state. Find the right food that you will be able to consume forever...find the right combination of food and daily exercise that fits your lifestyle.

What is your current view on meals and snacks? Take a little time to prepare and plan for the next few days of meals. You'd be surprised how much you'll change your meals. When you have time to plan meals, they are healthier - if you don't have time to plan, you're stopping at the closet fast food chain to fill up.

If your food grew, in the ground or on a tree, if it came out of the sea or ran on land, or flew through the's real food... and good for you. STEP AWAY from the processed junk that makes you feel sluggish at the end of the day.

It's a game - a challenge. Enjoy your new lifestyle and journey. Open your mind to trying new foods. Within two weeks of me adapting to my new lifestyle, I noticed that I was choosing different meals when going out to eat - meals I normally wouldn't have tried, because they were different.

Eat every few hours, but think of eating real food, even real food in snack size. Drink plenty of water. All day.

Have you heard of the coupon trap? Don't fall into it. Have you ever noticed that the products that have coupons (most, but not all) are processed, packaged, unhealthy, and the most expensive? Don't just buy something because you have a coupon for it.

Do you have any grocery money saving tips to share?

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