Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Savannah's Ghost Tour ~ Guest Post

Written By: Kristine Boyce

I would like to expand on a little fun that us girls had in Savannah, cause it was AMAZEBALLS!!!!

So... we decided to do a ghost tour and I'm sure if we hadn't walked 10 miles the day before, I would have liked to on the walking pub tour. What better way to have a silly good time, than to have a drink or five.

The trolley tour won the day, we have a great dinner at the Greek spot three doors down and then met the group. We sat allllll the way in the back, which ended up being awesome because there was lots of room.

So, this chick and her kid (both adults) are sitting a row ahead and across from us (diagonally) and she was very loud about where she was from. Of course, we just rolled our eyes, because it's like four towns away from us and not that great.

So, the tour goes on and the guide was truly amazing, funny and loved to gossip. The further along we got, the more quiet the lady got and she really started to get wigged. Of course, Mer and I are going to hell for a myriad of reasons, this always includes laughing at others...this lady was no exception. I could hardly contain my giggling at some point, I'm not sure how Mere was keeping it together.

We made it to the last stop of the tour and entered this old building with tons of history. I was having a blast, caught up in the story, but this nice lady (who sat in the back) just wasn't having it. The minute the lights shut off, she let out a tiny scream... I giggled...again.

Well, when it was over, I turned and looked at her and she was as white as a ghost.

Icing on the cake!


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