Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day 2 - Paleo & It Works!

Hello Everyone,

I am now on Day 2 of my new Paleo Lifestyle! I also started adding in my It Works! products into my new daily routine.

Breakfast - Eggs, Nectarine, Bacon (of course!), Orange Juice with Greens, 2 Green Chews

After I made breakfast, Mark constantly kept coming over to me to smell my plate and walking away. I asked him if he wanted some, his answer was always "no." After my first bite however, Mark got sucked into Bubble Guppies, so what was on my plate was no longer interesting.

I did make reminders for me throughout the day (with my alarm on my phone) to take pictures of my meals/snacks throughout the day. After breakfast, I had some errands to run and brought Mark along with me. I have the rental car right now, so I have amazing AC during our 108 degree heat wave that can literally melt my makeup off from a parking lot to the doors of a business.

I took my Hairs Nails Skin, ThermoFit and Fat Fighters before running out the door. While walking around Walmart trying to find lighter clothing for him to wear in his horrible heat, I noticed that my FitBit died. Of course, I forgot to buy a battery, so that is something I have to remember to do tomorrow. I did a LOT of walking today and no idea how far I traveled. :( I need that battery.

Then I wanted to drive around for a bit, hoping Mark would fall asleep in the car. I should have grabbed some healthy food from Boston Market, my go to for decent size food that isn't covered in breading. I ended up pulling in a parking lot and ordering Chili's To Go from my phone, checking out where the local My Gym was for Mark's gym class Saturday, then picking up lunch and heading home.

I got the Quesadilla Explosion Salad with Chicken, cheese, tomatoes, avocado and a barley salad mix. I got mark a basic grilled cheese sandwich with fries...the easiest meal in the world. However, the employee must have gotten side tracked, because instead of getting his meal, I ended up with an employee's half eaten lunch (fork included). I didn't eat my Quesadilla, just the salad, but since it's kinda like a grilled cheese, I tried to get Mark to eat it while I was on the phone with the Chili's manager. Yes, he wasn't happy, but it handled it very professional. Apologized profusely and is mailing me some gift cards. I was so disappointed Mark wasn't going to get the lunch that I talked about for 20 minutes on the way home. 

The reason I went to Walmart, was to find a cabinet to kind of hide the clutter that has been forming on top of Mark's diaper caddy. In store, they don't have anything. I even looked at 12 other stores online to find something affordable and helpful for what I need. I did find one on for $65. Score!

To my surprise, Mark's nap lasted 5 hours... growth spurt! That's completely normal for him.

I didn't have dinner until super late...because I've been drinking a lot of liquids today.

Dinner...hamburger, nectarine, cauliflower with garlic, sharp cheddar and more avocado... of course.
Dessert... whip cream with sugar free vanilla pudding and blue berries.

*Note: Tonight I learned that I actually took my It Works products wrong today and in the wrong order. Tomorrow, I will make note of how to take them and when to get the best results.*

Good Night


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