Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day 1 ~ Paleo-ish... with a mix of a Toddler Meltdown?!

Hello Everyone,

Last month, well last week, I decided I was officially going to start the Paleo diet after July 4th... here it is July 5th and I'm PUMPED!

Breakfast - 3/4 of a banana, two green chews & water.

However, this morning was a bit different than I planned on. The gym was my ultimate goal, but I had forgotten that I scheduled 2 weeks ago for the truck to finally be fixed today and I needed to get a rental car. It's been a month (almost exactly) since the accident and the truck definitely needs to be fixed. Mark actually tells me the truck as a "boo-boo" every morning.

This morning, I grabbed little man and headed out the door to drop off the car. Now, when the arrangements were made, they never told me what building I would be dropping off to and where Hertz would be picking me up. Low and behold, when I arrived... it was the wrong building. I normally wouldn't mind, but with a toddler who is constantly on the verge of a full rampage (also known as the "toddler meltdown") at any moment, isn't the way I want to spend the rest of the day. Once I was able to the get to the right building, which was 20 minutes away. Then, having to call Hertz and letting them know that the first building I was at, isn't the one they should be picking me up from - because well, I won't be there (this is usually something the repair shop does, but they didn't).

Thankfully, I finally got Mark unloaded and made sure there wasn't any toys he would have a "toddler meltdown" over if he couldn't have access to them all week... since I'm not entirely sure how long I'll have a rental car for.

Thankfully, it was the right building. I finally got Mark unloaded and made sure there wasn't any toys he would go on a full rampage also known as the "toddler meltdown" if he couldn't have access to them all week... since I'm not entirely sure how long I'll have a rental for.

Not even 10 minutes of being in the rental car, do I hear from the back seat... "3...2...1...go!" He was counting down at the red light and said go on green. As soon as I moved, all you could hear from the back seat was "Weeeee!" Lmao...*smh*

Lunch - 3 strips of bacon (yummy) and a shake consisting of my greens, mango, strawberry, spinach, banana and orange juice.

I know I should be eating more, but because I had therapy in an hour, I had to eat light. Very light. If I eat a heavy meal before therapy, I'll be sick after they try to adjust my back. Too much twisting on a heavy meal sitting in my stomach.

An hour later, my dad bought me lunch and listened to the fact that I can't eat bread. He brought me a 9" steak, veggies, unsweetened tea and mashed potatoes. Technically, the potatoes were my only cheat of the day.

Come to find out when I got home, Mark only had a 45 minutes nap... That isn't rested...that's recharged. So, unfortunately for me, he's been bouncing off the walls since 4pm.

The second I started making dinner...steak and green beans... Mark has his "toddler meltdown" for the day. As he's losing his mind and wailing around on the floor (fake tears), I'm making myself a fruit platter to go with my dinner. After I finished, I asked if he was done and the waterworks stopped. Told ya.

I've noticed today, that since I haven't been eating any grains (with the exception of the mashed potatoes), I crave healthy food. Like....all-the-time!

Dinner was amazing... steak, green beans, water melon, sharp cheddar and a nectarine. Weird combo, I know. Mark thought the nectarine was an apple, so I had to let him try it without correcting him. He didn't like the "apple", but I got him to try something new.


Today, I also received another box from It Works! with my Hair Skin Nails that I've been dying to try. And, of course, you will get a complete review. I also received some Fat Fighters and ThermoFit from my bff, so I can test them out before purchasing...both of which I forgot to take today. I will be starting them all tomorrow.

I know today was a lot of rambling, but I will improve over time. I need to leave notes for myself to take pictures of my food, take my supplements so I can write reviews on them, & plan ahead for when I plan to go to the gym.

Now, off to relax while Mark is finally asleep...

Click here for Day 2.

Good Night


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