Thursday, July 7, 2016

Day 3 - Hot As A Pepper!

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Day 3 of my new Paleo/It Works Lifestyle!

I'm hanging in there. Actually, it's not that bad. I'm not as sluggish as I was when I was drinking two cans of soda and eating bread/grains throughout the day. I have more energy; I'm more alert. It's a great change in the right direction.

Today, I had maintenance therapy for my back. Basically, an hour massage to get out any knots and help me stretch properly and a 30 minute recap with the doctor that sometimes includes an adjustment. This week was just a simple massage, graston and some help needed stretching my hamstrings. My hamstrings are TIGHT. They always have been - no matter how much I stretch before or after a workout.

Now, what's graston? Unless you've been to a massage therapist within the last year, you may not know what this is. Some people it works, some it doesn't. I find it to be a great tool. It has helped me break through some of the horrible knots that would usually take 3-4 days to get through, but I get it broken down in that one hour therapy session. Now, I'm not going to lie - the tools look like torture devices. And depending how bad my knots are and how much pressure has to be applied, the next day it feels like I've been tortured. Now, there is a difference between being in pain and having muscle pain. This is muscle pain, you will feel it the next day just as if you went hard in the gym the day before. The difference is, is that these tools are to be used on those tight areas or places that have knots. Use some lotion, use the tool to rub out those troublesome knots. Sometimes it's extremely sore, sometimes it feels like a deep tissue massage.

Today, however, my therapist went harder than normal (like I wanted) because I had three knots in my back and one big in my right calf muscle. I'll definitely need to take a muscle relaxer tonight, so I can walk normally in the morning. I've had days after going hard at therapy, that it hurts to move around the house. Just remember, if you do this, once you're moving...don't stop. The more you move, the more blood flow those area's will get and the quicker you can recover. Within a few days, you'll feel like a million bucks...I certainly will in two days. I usually follow up graston with some KT tape, but we didn't use any this time. Next time I have some on, I'll post a picture.

This is usually what KT tape looks like. You can buy it in strips or in a roll. Buying in the roll is easier, I think. You get more bang for your buck. Plus, if you search around for it by different names, you can find it for much cheaper than it is at Walgreens. The last time I bought the individual strips, it was $15 for a small box of I think 10. They also sell it on Amazon if you wanted to buy more...there are a bunch of color to choose from. There are also diagrams to show you how to properly place the tape in different areas of your body. If you Google it, you'll see that many athletes us it while their training or even during sports events.

This morning before therapy, Mark and I shared two eggs and some bacon (I was shocked he tried bacon - he isn't a fan). I also had some orange juice with my greens. I've noticed that orange juice tastes funny now, if I drink it without my greens. I also had my ThermoFit before leaving the house and made sure I took it an hour after breakfast. I also took my Hair Skin Nails last night before bed. 

Lunch - meatloaf, green beans, unsweetened tea & a nectarine. Sorry, no picture. Mama was starving.

To mom's of toddler's: How often do you accidentally fall asleep when you're trying to get them down for a nap?

Dinner - I made myself a Caesar/Cobb Explosion salad tonight. It was very colorful and delicious. See for yourself...

Chicken, Turkey, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Strawberries, Avocado Dressing, Egg & Feta Cheese!
So colorful, but yet so filling! I'm going to wait at least 30 minutes before I take my Fat Fighters!

Right now, I'm actually in the middle of a Power Hour with other Distributors. It's a fun hour of business chat and great laughs. Being friends with other distributors within the company is a great feeling. No stress, no negativity. So, I'm going to wrap up with this soon and get little man ready for bed.

Have a good night everyone.

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