Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Weekend of Chaos Ends with an HP?!

Hello Everyone,

The weekend before Mark's birthday was absolute chaos. A ton of stuff was planned, then canceled, then changed at the last minute. I didn't get much down time last weekend. I spent most of my time standing and running after Mark (he's a toddler), when I should have been sitting and relaxing (because my back was killing me & had two migraines in less than 72 hours).

Mark's birthday party is literally a day before he turns, officially, two. I am preparing for a toddlers party with 15+ guests, including their little ones that range from 2 to 12. While some guests (the 12 year olds) may be a little bored, I'm sure we can find something for them to do.

The computer on the left is new, I also found a spare screen to connect.

Since March, I've been wanting to buy a computer, so I can save files and pictures. However, for a while I was stuck on whether or not I wanted another laptop or for the first time, a desktop. Well, I caved and found a desktop that I really like.

I have always had laptops, so this is going to be a nice change for me. I can't fold this up and take it to go (sounds like fast food). More specifically, this is an all-in-one computer. While having a tower is easier when it comes to uninstalling and reinstalling new hard drives (if needed). I'll be purchases an external hard drive within the next few months.

This computer was super easy to set up, probably more so than any laptop I've ever owned. It just asked me the basic simple questions when starting up, such as my name, address, what would you like this computer to be called, etc. While it is MUCH bigger than I expected (I knew it was a 23", I just didn't realize the size to my desk). However, the bigger screen allows me to see pictures closer and edit them if's also a touch screen (which Mark loves). Mark is able to watch his favorite shows on one side of the computer (like Mickey Mouse Club via YouTube), while I write posts for our readers.

Future posts will soon be containing photographs with watermarking...once I figure out how to do it on this computer. ;)

Good night


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