Sunday, July 31, 2016

Day 26 & 27 ~ Healthy Again, New Weigh In & New Workouts!

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for being patient with me during the last week. Mark and I came down with an awful head cold that kept us in bed for the first four days. Mark only had a cough, while I was full-on congested til to end.

The unfortunately thing about being sick last week, was that I completely lost my appetite. I couldn't even force myself to have a nibble of anything. I stayed on water, hot tea with honey and Mucinex. I honestly couldn't wait to be finished being sick. And, I'm technically not done... as I still have sniffles.

Friday, as I was getting my appetite back... I picked up some Chinese for lunch/dinner. However, not really eating all week and not having any take out for a good five to six weeks, you're entire eating has completely changed. It was delicious, but a few hours later - it was like I took a laxative. The only other downfall was all the salt in the food. I was chugging water more than I usually do, because the food made me extremely thirsty afterwards. Am I having Chinese again? Not take out. I will make my own from now on.

But after all that, this morning I started feeling more like myself. Sickness cooties be gone!

A friend of mine invited me to a workout class with her that involved dancing. I didn't have anymore information than that. Sure, why not? Let's go! It was pretty much like slower version of a Zumba class, but I modified the jumping moves to some toe touches (jumping isn't good with a back injury). An hour dancing my booty off for $10....score! The endorphins were definitely rockin' today.

Oh, before I forget... Thursday Weigh In was amazing!!! For someone that didn't do much, let alone eat this week... I can't get used to this weight loss. I lost another 5.4 pounds!!! That's a total of 15.5 pounds in 6 weeks!! That's amazing!! I'm soooo excited!!

I treated myself with a little reward too - don't say "uh-oh"... it was a cold nectarine. I needed something cold after my Zumba class workout this morning.

Inside of Lucky Money
This afternoon, I treated Mark to burning off his own energy. A friend of mine told me about his place that I desperately needed to take Mark, but I've never heard of it. It's called Lucky Monkey. If you've heard of it and you take your kids there, how much more sleep do you get a night? We spent maybe 1.5 - 2 hours. I wasn't really tracking the time, but I was running around playing with Mark at all the different things they had. He was climbing on anything he could. He sometimes forgets that he isn't as big as the 6-year-old's that were running around with him. And some of those kids were very considerate of kids younger and smaller than them. It was refreshing to see that. Major kudos to their parents.

Side of Lucky Monkey Building

Sunday... a day that I originally planned to relax... Ha Ha Ha... nope. Instead, super late last night, I decided it was going to be a full fun-day with little man and my mom.

Who wouldn't love this for breakfast?
As mentioned in previous posts, I like to go out to have a big healthy breakfast with my son. Today, we did the same, but brought my mom alone with us. He usually behaves when we go alone, but he wasn't having it for this trip. Of course, he had to stand on the seat to see the cars being worked on at Pep Boys next door. He kept saying "uh-oh" when we told him the cars were broken. 

We ended up going shopping afterwards. Scored a nice little trashcan basketball hoop from the dollar store - mainly for little man, but I'll definitely be having some fun with it too. Got my eyebrows done - because I was starting to look like Bert. A major downfall when you're a SAHSM (Stay At Home Single Mom). 

I had to stop at Lowe's for a oven screw, because believe it or not, Mark figured out how to pull the handle so hard the face of the oven came off. He's a He-Man for sure!

Tonight, I took some time for myself to set up my second computer screen and attach it to my main screen. However, my newer monitor doesn't have an HDMI cable. So, poop! I really don't NEED it, but it would have been nice. No biggie. I'll sell the second monitor - hopefully soon. I cleaned up my desk - it seriously needed it.

Sorry, the picture is a little dark. But, off to the right are 3 packages of It Works samples complete with Thank You notes :) that are going in the mail tomorrow. To the left is my planner with my workout schedule, supplements schedule, Mark's gym schedule and all of our doctor's appointments. Plus, of course any errands that I NEED to run throughout the week. Such as... tomorrow night, I NEED to kidnap my friend Kristine for a much needed girl's night. In front of the computer, is my Hair Skin Nails container and my last Greens Chew for the evening. Before bed, I'll take two HSN supplements.

Now, I have to get a little boy ready for bath and bed time.

Good night everyone. It's good to be back on schedule!

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