Monday, August 1, 2016

What's the Paleo/It Works Lifestyle?

The Paleo Diet... who doesn't want to eat healthy? It isn't really a DIET. The big word that everyone is scared of - "oh, it won't work," blah, blah, blah. Erase that from your mind. Paleo is actually how we're supposed to eat - fresh and from the land.

I've never cut out grains or dairy before, so once I ween it from my normal intake, I should be shredding pounds in no time. Especially with hitting the gym three times a week.

It's a new lifestyle change. I cut out the carbs and dairy, I added some It Works supplements to boost my energy and fruit/veggie serving intake...and BOOM! I have a Paleo/It Works Lifestyle!

No, there isn't. First, listen your body. It will tell you what you need by your cravings. Second, keep a log of what you eat and what you're weekly workout plan looks like. Stick to it!

Focus on eating real foods (not processed foods), like protein, healthy fats and plenty of those green things that kids (especially mine) hate to eat (veggies, hello!).

When you're getting ready to transition to a Paleo lifestyle, the point is not to find Paleo substitutes of all of your favorite unhealthy foods - but to break out of your bubble. Change how you think about food and how you want to fuel your body properly.

Every meal should be loaded with veggies, but you should also have a good source of protein. Fresh fruit is great, in moderation, but try mixing in some sweet potatoes.

I've officially been in my new lifestyle change for a little over a week. Thursday are my weigh in and measurement days. I do this every week to keep track... even if I gain or never lose weight. Why? By losing weight and working out, I can be gaining muscle (which is leaner).

Has anyone ever tried Paleo? How did you like it?


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