Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day 16 - Sore, Graston and KT Tape!

Good Evening Everyone,

Thankfully, today has been slooooow. I am still extremely sore from yesterday's graston torture. If you haven't been brave enough to see what is it, I've posted a video and a few pictures explaining the process in another post. Click here.

Why do it? The day of - I'm sore, because I need a massage, graston and the occasionally kt tape muscle support. The day after therapy, I feel like I've been run over by a cement truck or tortured beyond reason... doesn't matter which part of the body is worked on. However, and this is why I ultimately keep doing it, two days after treatment - I feel like a million bucks. How is that possible? Those two days, I've given my body a chance to recover. 

After my sessions, especially the one's where I'm guaranteed to look like one of those graston pictures, they usually support the area they worked on with some KT tape. What is KT tape? Click here to find out more. I agree, they look silly, but it works.

Like I mentioned before, today was a sloooow day. I picked a giant roll of glossy paper from a friend who is now a retired teacher and I plan to make multiple crafts with it with Mark. Now, I have to put Pinterest to good use, hopefully, and find out what crafts and activities we're going to do.

Cauliflower, Olives, Strawberries, Grapes and Chicken
I ate lunch at home with Mark before taking my dad to the mall, like he begged earlier in the day. Where did he want to go that was so important? Yankee Candle... yeah, my dad kinda has an obsession about candles. No joke. Does he burn them? Not as often as he buys them. I grabbed Mark and we headed to the mall. I hardly ever go to the mall, even with Mark. I know they have an indoor playground for kids his age, but the two malls we sit in the middle of are split evenly, making them each 20-25 minutes away with traffic.

My dad also insisted on picking up Cuban for dinner. If you ever make it to my area, you need to stop by Alex's Cuban Cafe in Longwood, FL. Ask for the wings. If you go before lunch, they are guaranteed to have them. After lunch, it varies. The wings are amazing. I'll have to take a picture the next time I get them. However, this is their dinner portions. You're definitely getting your money's worth at this mom and pop place. Mine came with rice, I told them to keep it but they gave it to me anyway. I just tossed it. I can't eat it anyway.

Have a good night everyone!

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