Monday, July 18, 2016

What is Graston?

I wanted to talk about something that I experience almost weekly in my therapy sessions for my low back pain caused by a car accident I had in 2011. I will be answering questions that everyone asks, based on my own opinions and experiences.

What is Graston? Does it work? Why would you go through it weekly? All these questions come into play when you're first introduced to this odd technique.

What is Graston? 

The Graston Technique, according to most chiropractors/doctors as "an innovative, evidence-based form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables clinicians to detect the effectively break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions, as well as maintain optimal range of motion."

These are just example pictures I found on Google, so I can better explain the process. After watching the video, what did you think? Now, check out these pictures...remember...these aren't me or anyone I know. Google is my go-to source for this post.

These pictures are the day after having graston done. These are totally normal; especially if you've never had it done. It looks incredibly painful and for the day after it can be, depending on your pain tolerance. You're body will adapt over time the most you use it.

Does It Work?

After several of my sessions, especially after two years of having this done... I can say that, for me, yes it does work. My neurosurgeon was on the fence about me possibly having to have back surgery on my low back, because I was still in so much pain, even after having epidurals injected. But, one massage therapist tried graston on me one day... we tried something different. Day two came and I swore it was the worst decision of my life, because I was in so much pain. Day three... it was like day two never happened. Or any of the days before that. I felt like a million bucks. She broke through two years of scar tissue in one hour in this one spot of my low back...yes, I was in pain the next day...but, on day three, I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

For me, yes, it works.

Why Would You Go Through It Weekly?

Right now, it's weekly. Why? Because that's what the doctors suggested after my previous accident aggravated the area. Before then, it was every two months... on maintenance, of course. I am ready to stretch it out again.

Can It Be An Addiction?

It could, but not in the same sense as prescription drugs. It's more like an endorphin high. Think about when you leave the gym, how the endorphins kick in and you feel beyond amazing. It's like that. The workout high, without the workout.

I've noticed, especially since I boosted my activity in the gym, it truly helps break through those horrible knots after working out. Am I sore the next day? Of course, but I'm also sore from the gym. Day two is going to be my recovery day anyway. Why not make the most of it? By rubbing out the knots with a graston tool (which you can also purchase online) after a workout, your day two is still going to be your recovery day. Day three you can hit the gym again and continue the cycle. 

Remember, beauty is pain! And, I'll gladly trade this muscle pain for lower back pain...any day.


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