Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Day 14 & 15/365 ~ Migraines & Paleo Talk!

Day 14 - Monday

Oy.... A day FULL of doctor visits, migraines, honey, naps (not mine) and wishing my toddler was quiet. Oh and my sunglasses broke... damn it.

I got a major eye full (pun intended) today, when I took my dad for a follow up appointment from his retnia surgery that he had a few weeks ago. There are many, many, many reasons why I didn't become an eye surgeon...and a majority of them start with EWWW!

Jimmy Fallon

Unfortunately, while I was in the waiting room the rains came and so did the migraines. I was probably the only crazy one in the room scrambling through my purse looking for Motrin, because it was coming on fast. Thankfully, I had some, took it as quick as possible, and my dad's appointment finished once the Motrin kicked in. We ended up going to the bread capital of all restaurants - Panera... I stared at the menu for a good 20 minutes trying to figure out what I could eat.

I just got my usual without the bread...anything that I can't eat... I can eat around, hopefully... or just spend more time in the gym this week.

Tuna Fish Salad without Bread & Caesar Salad without Croutons
I'm sure there are more carbs in there, but it was well worth to help get rid of my migraine...even for a few hours. Yep, it came back like a pissed off Hulk.

I hate having migraines for two reasons - 1. I can't get crap done. 2. I don't want to eat, which also means I don't take any of my supplements. While I wasn't in the mood to eat dinner, I did have to shove some mixed nuts in my mouth, so I was able to take a ThermoFit and my HSN supplements before bed.


Day 15 - Tuesday

Yay! Migraine is gone! Okay, let's get serious...

This morning, Mark had another My Gym class. We also checked out a new store by us, I'm sure many of you have heard of it...they just opened by us. Academy Sports. They knocked out Sports Authority like nobody's business. But, after walking and in looking around at the different sports equipment and the prices... I can see why. Academy Sports is cheaper for the same things you would have purchased at Sports Authority. On top of that, the staff was lined up by the front ready to help their customers. Kinda creepy at the same time...it was like they were in formation (military term).

I ended up buying more PB2 and having to keep it my cabinet, because someone in my house keeps eating it. Grrr! I plan to put it in my protein shakes, to make it taste like a peanut butter cup, but when I go to look for it...it somehow has grown legs.

I also had therapy today... let me say one thing... Ow! They used graston from the bottom of my butt to the middle of my back. Look it up... I dare you! I am extremely sore right now, I've already taken a muscle relaxer and Motrin. I've been putting hot and cold packs on for the last few hours, I picked up lunch/dinner from 4 Rivers and laid down with Mark for a nap. 

4 Rivers Pulled Pork - not my meal... I had Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans and Pulled Pork with the sauce lightly drizzled.
I may or may not be able to move that great in the morning. We'll find out! 

Keeping the post short tonight. I'll post more healthier food tomorrow...I can't wait for weigh in Thursday.... how much do you think I've lost this week? You can answer honestly, I won't be mad.

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