Wednesday, July 20, 2016

11 Affordable Outdoor Summer Date Ideas

Summer is a lovely season, right? So, obviously people want to take every chance that they can to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. And when it comes to dating during summer, of course you want to take advantage of the nice weather! Who wants to sit inside all day, when they could be having fun outside with their sweetheart?

So, I thought I'd share with you 11 affordable (or free!) outdoor summer date ideas:

1. Have a picnic
Grab a basket or a cooler and load it up with whatever you want. You can choose a classic spread like cheese, baguettes, and wine - or you can get more creative with it. Go to a local park, a river walk, or even your own backyard!

2. Go to the beach
Who doesn't love a relaxing day at the beach? You can go swimming, fly a kite, throw a frisbee, or all of the above. Bring some snacks and drinks and really make a day of it!

3. Go geocaching
My brother actually got me into geocaching like... 5 years ago. But, it's been getting really popular lately - and for good reason! It can be so much fun. If you don't know much about geocaching, you can find a complete guide to it right here.

4. Go to a fair (or a carnival)
Take yourself back to your childhood by going to a carnival. Have fun on the rides, let your man win you a stuffed animal (or win one for him!), indulge in some cotton candy...It sounds like a cute date, doesn't it?!

5. Have a farmer's market date
Make a date out of a trip to your local farmer's market. Try samples of your local fresh produce. You can buy some and take it home and have a cooking date as well!

6. Outdoor concerts
If you look online, or in your local newspaper, you'll probably find a lot of summer concerts - and they're usually free! So, grab some drinks (and your partner!) and go enjoy the music.

7. Go for a bike ride
Find a biking trail in your area and set out for a ride. If you don't have a bike, you can borrow one from a friend - or rent one. Riding bikes with your partner is a lot of fun, plus it's great exercise!

8. Go hiking
Pack a lunch and go to a beautiful park or hiking trail. It's great exercise and you can have great quality time together, distraction-free (except for the nature you'll be admiring together!)

9. Catch a game
Go to a local sporting event. It can be loads of fun to get some hot dogs, maybe a beer, and cheer on a team. Getting all decked out in your team's gear is fun too! Plus, your man will probably be super happy with you for taking him!

10. Brewery or winery tour
Usually, brewery or winery tours are free! You'll learn something, plus these tours are usually pretty interesting. And you might be able to get some free alcohol! ;)

11. Go to a drive-in
Drive-in movies are so much more fun than a normal movie theater! There's a drive-in movie theater about 15 minutes from my apartment, but I know they (sadly) seem to be dying away from a lot of places. If you aren't sure, look online and see if there's one near you!

What are some summer activities that you enjoy doing with your significant other?


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