Sunday, July 17, 2016

Day 13/365 - Party Day!

Beautiful Sunrise in Cocoa Beach, FL
This morning, bright and early on a Sunday, 6:40 AM alarm... beep! beep! beep! *hits snooze button* beep! beep! beep! 7 AM alarm. I'm up! As I'm getting ready for the gym, Mark wakes up and stares as me with that look like I'm going to leave him. I got back in bed with him for 30 minutes, then kindly delivered him to my mom, as I shimmied out the door.

Half a mile on the treadmill and 30 minutes doing circuit training. Spending three cycles at 20 machines and getting 40 pounds, 3 sets of 10 reps. Not too much, not too light, but just right. I think I'll stay at this level for the rest of the week and try next weekend for a heavier weight. Afterwards, I headed to breakfast with my friend, Kristine and her boyfriend... eggs and bacon anyone?

Not my picture, because my eggs are always scrambled.
I completely forgot to mention in previous posts throughout the week that tonight is my launch party with It Works via Facebook events. Last night before bed, I planned a few hours preparing for my two hour launch party. Mostly prepping my notes and slide show on the computer. I'm a whiz at computer stuff, so that literally took me maybe an hour to type out, edit, organize the order and make little notes. No biggie.

These would be great for future giveaways!
I also have my raffle tickets ready for tonight's goodie bag giveaways! Aren't these adorable?!

After going shopping today with little man for more food for this week's meal prep, my parents decided to try out a new pizza place by us. I am happy to say, I didn't have any pizza. Mark had a slice, which is rather impressive for him, but within 20 minutes it ended up in his diaper. I'm seriously glad I didn't have any... all that grease would absolutely kill my stomach. Ugh! *Phew*

Strawberries, Red Grapes, Cauliflower & Chicken
I had some chicken, cauliflower with garlic, grapes and strawberries, while I prepped my food for the next two days. I made more chicken bowls (not pictured), as well as some nut and cheese mixes (not pictured).

I have to wrap up today's post a little early, get some grub in my belly for dinner and prepare for my party tonight. Got my raffle tickets ready!

Have a good night everyone!

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