Saturday, July 16, 2016

Days 11/12 of 365 - Busy, But Healthy Weekend

On Friday, as I was still extremely sore from therapy, I wasn't really interested in keeping track of anything. Bad Meredith, Bad! I didn't eat breakfast or take a majority of my supplements for the day. :(  I did, however, have a small lunch, dinner and finished my day with my HSN supplements.


Today, I was able to sleep in a little. Mark woke up at 8 AM and actually kissed me on my cheek and said "night night, mama," then asked me to open the bedroom door for him, so he could go jump in my mom's bed. When you're kids let you sleep, YOU TAKE IT!

Sadly, because I took him up on his offer, I slept through breakfast. But, sleep over food is a win-win for me. Today was all about cleaning. Everyone, well almost everyone, pitched in around the house and did their share of housework. I had little chores in place for Mark, like putting our shoes in a box (I just wanted them out of the way), putting dirty clothes in the hamper, helping me sort clean clothes, picking up his toys from around the house, trying on clothes and shoes (because some he already outgrew), etc. The rest of us just worked around him. There are five people living in my house, including Mark. Most of the time, everyone does their share...when reminded repeatedly. Myself included.

After cleaning was done, mostly. I waited for Mark to crash before checking and answering some e-mails, paying some bills, and changing my auto-shipment for my next It Works! order in a few weeks. Unfortunately, today was another day of not having much of an appetite, but I still had lunch (chicken and cauliflower) because I need to stick to a strict food plan. I think because of sleeping in this morning, which I usually don't do, is throwing off my appetite.

Around 3pm, it became difficult...I started craving junk food - badly! I grabbed a small package of raw cashews and a small can of Perrier. It definitely doesn't taste like chips and cookies, but it's sure as hell is better for me than junk food is.

Chicken Salad with Fruit & Pita
The whole family went out to dinner at Zoe's Kitchen. If you haven't gone, Google them and find out where the closet one is to you. I highly recommend their food...anything on their menu! Most toddlers won't eat seasoned chicken, let along Greek seasoning on chicken, but Mark does. He'll eat 3/4 of a chicken breast, but only at Zoe's Kitchen.

After dinner and running into Fresh Market for a few things for this week, I dropped everyone off while I finished running errands around town. Unfortunately, with us being busy most of the day, this evening after dinner was the only time I was able to do this.

Tomorrow, I'll try to remember, but I'll be getting some food to finish my food prep for this week. If there is anything you'd like to see in future posts, please comment below.

Now, before it gets super late... I need more than four hours of sleep before hitting the gym in the morning. Goodnight everyone.

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