Saturday, July 16, 2016

Encourage Your Child's Sense Of Humor

Hello Everyone,

Everyone has a different sense of humor. What I find funny, can be complete nonsense to you. So, how do you encourage a sense of humor in a child?

Children are born with their own unique sense of humor and many parents, myself included, may not fully comprehend what their child may deem funny or not.

You know your child better than anyone else. What makes them tick? Listen to them talking to you, talking to their family members and talking to their friends. These are 3, very different conversations, right? Kids are fun-loving and silly. Let them go and be a kid. It doesn't have to make you laugh, just them and their imagination.

Encouraging a child's sense of humor will ultimately result in much needed laughter time within the family. Be playful with them. This is a constant thing in my family. It's how I was raised and it's how Mark is raised. While playing, anytime throughout the day, if I tell him that "he's funny," will be always respond with "silly mama." I try to make everything a game. Almost every single thing we do, including chores, I try to work a smile out of him. If I make it fun, he'll want to continue doing it.

There will be times that your child will do anything to get your attention. They are usually doing it to make you laugh. Laugh at them. This not only builds their sense of humor, but also their personality.

Be an example. If your child see's you making fun of yourself, if you make a mistake, they will want to do the same. They want to be just like you, remember? Especially when they reach the "tape recorder" age.

Before you know it, doing all of this will result in your child of having confidence. They will learn to be comfortable with who they are and their surroundings.

You know you laughed...
Potty Humor - not many parents are fond about this. However, most kids - boys & girls - will fart on their arm, make a real fart, belch/burp or who knows what else... they are following by example. If they see you burp, they'll want to do it. Once they do, don't punish them for having a natural bodily function. Make it fun, but make sure they use manners. A burp can be funny, but out in public, I believe a child should know how to say excuse me after a burp.

Don't forget to be a kid! Do silly things, pretend you've fallen and can't get up, hit yourself in the head (kids love that...not sure why)... do whatever it takes to get a smile or a laugh out of your little one on a regular basis.

Encouraging your child's sense of humor is important because laughter is the best medicine, right? Think about this - you've had a stressful day, you pick up your little one from daycare, you're on your way home and you blow a tire. While you're waiting on roadside assistance...what do you do to keep your child occupied? You do anything, anything, anything for a smile, a chuckle or even a deep down laughing session to make the time go faster. They only have stress when you show stress.

Now, who's up for some laughs?

Tell us what you do to keep to laughter flowing in your household.


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