Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Two Shots for Health and Beauty

There are always reports on the latest and greatest new miracle cure for a variety of ailments. It gets confusing and overwhelming trying to figure out what really works and what doesn't. And let's face it - most these things cost money and many of use are on a budget.

I admit, I am one of those who often falls for these various claims and will try almost everything from the hottest weight loss gimmick to ugusisu no fun (which is a fancy way to say bird poop facial). Over the years, I've tried so many things that I have lost count. I don't even want to think about the money I have invested. Some of these things work, some don't. Yet, when I find something that really works, there is nothing I love more than sharing it with others.

Over the years, I have suffered from various forms of sleeplessness and insomnia. Whether I couldn't fall asleep, or I couldn't sleep straight through the night, there were always issues with my sleep. These restless nights affected my days. Then recently, I heard that tart cherry juice can help with one's sleep. I thought, 'What the heck, let's give this a try' and set out to get a bottle.

While in the health food store, I cringed at the $14 price tag for a 32 oz bottle of juice. Nonetheless, I brought it up to the cashier with the rest of my goodies. Once home I did some more research to learn how exactly I was supposed to take this. I was relieved to learn that instead of drinking it as you would a glass of orange juice, all that you need is a 1 ounce shot when you rise in the morning and another 1 ounce shot in the evening before bed. This made the steep price a little easier to take.

Now, I have to warn you - it is TART cherry juice, so forget about thoughts of a nice sweet cherry treat. This stuff is tart and you really wouldn't want to have to drink a whole glass full. However, I think of it in much the same way I would if I was doing a shot of liquor.

The good news is that almost immediately I felt the positive benefits of this remedy. I found myself falling off to sleep quickly and easily. Once asleep, I slept soundly through the night. Tart cherries increase levels of melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate sleep in the body. They are also rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that promotes relaxation, calm and sleep.

Getting your 'beauty sleep' isn't a myth. A good night's rest promotes a radiant complexion, bright eyes and actually slows down the aging process. Furthermore, we need good quality and quantity of sleep to keep our bodies healthy. Research has shown that getting your sleep improves memory, creativity, immune function, and metabolism. It may even help you live longer.

It's been three months since I started taking tart cherry juice and it has become a part of my morning and evening rituals. I feel fantastic. I fall asleep quickly, sleep through the night and rise rested and full of energy. After a couple of weeks, I noticed that my skin is looking fresher and healthier. I have even found some stores that sell the 32 oz bottles for $9. I think it's a small price to pay for health and beauty.


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