Monday, June 27, 2016

How To Schedule Blog Posts Like A Boss

Hello Everyone,

As of right now, I've schedule a total of 9 (!!) posts. I know that consistently blogging is key to keeping our readers interested and keeping my mind occupied. Why? See today, I found out that my dad needed to have surgery on his left eye due to a detached retina and pooling of blood. The specialist couldn't give us an idea of how much blood, because he couldn't see for sure unless my dad went in for surgery.

So, let's continue on this post to help me stay busy... while I wait. Plus, I had so much to tell you, I just couldn't help by start writing.

I'm a big fan of scheduling posts - just ask my writer's. I like to get ahead and make life easier, as life can become chaotic at a moment's notice. I'm a single mom of a toddler, I don't get a chance to sit and write a post a day like I would love to - or like I have in the past when I was working from Beauty O'holic. Another reason I like scheduling is that it allows time for more editing. I can't tell you how many time's I've rewritten posts (including this one), because I like to go back and read it before hitting the Publish button. It's just more time for me to review and tweak anything. When I'm publishing quickly, problems generally arise (such as sloppy wording). I've created a guide to show you exactly how I do it, easily.

Try To Plan Out Your Posts
Take a look at your planner or calendar. I use Google's calendar, as it is linked to my Iphone. Consider what makes sense for your schedule. Whether you post everyday, five times a week, three times a week, or once a week. It's helpful to configure your post schedule. If I don't schedule a post a day, I feel like I've forgotten something throughout the day.

Keep holiday's in mind. Plan ahead and make posts specifically for those holiday's.They can be generic or you can discuss what you did during your holiday. You want to post around and about the holiday. I typically post every day, like I mentioned before. So, when I am creating my schedule for posting while I travel (or take adventures), I make a list of all the dates I would post. Then I arrange my post ideas, in a row.

Time To Write
When I travel, I carry a journal with me to write about how my day was before heading to bed. The information is still fresh in my mind and I need to write it down. I did it when I traveled for Savannah, GA, for a Girl's Weekend. My friend, Kristine, who joined me on that adventure, would ask me before bed what I was always writing. One night, I spent a good two hours writing down everything we did. See what I do for my readers? Two hours of hand writing for future posts. Also, don't forget to add images! 

If you need free images, check out these great websites that I've used in the past:

1. Pixabay

Half the battle is finding great images for your blog and knowing how you're allowed to use them. Can you edit them? Can you use them without linking the original source? Hopefully, the list above will make that whole process a little bit easier for you, as it did for me.

Once you write, it's time to schedule. Blogger makes it fairly easy to schedule your posts. I simply pick a date and time & click Schedule.

Scheduling Social Media
I just started using Buffer and so far it's an awesome program. A friend of mine told me she uses it for her blog and I figured, "Let's check it out!" Maybe I should do a review on it? What do you think? If you'd like to see one, let me know in the comments section.

Buffer is a free scheduling tool, but it also has components with a fee. Test it out by scheduling a tweet of what you think about this post (don't forget to link us to it)!

Now, sit back and relax. You just scheduled a post, plus social media and you deserve a glass of wine. Which do you like... red or white? Treat yourself!


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