Monday, June 27, 2016

What Has Changed For Me Since I Joined It Works?

Hello Everyone,

Yes, as an It Works Distributor, I'm also what is known as a "Product of a Product." What is that? It's a person who actually uses the product they are selling.

I use the products, I feel the products change me (for the better) and my experiences I blog about on here (with my own opinions, of course).

-Cleanse: I've only done this once and in the beginning, it was an interesting experience. Trying it and kind of going in blind, I was shocked at my end results. I wrote a review a few weeks back in two parts. Click for Part 1. Click for Part 2.

Since I've finished my cleanse, I've had soda twice - once while I was out to dinner with my family during our vacation and once last week when I picked up dinner for myself with little man. Yes, I could have had my unsweetened tea on both of those occasions, but after drinking soda, I've realized something - I don't crave it as much as I used to. It has become a drink to mix up the flavors, nothing more. THAT'S HUGE! I can cut soda out of my diet completely and be able to drop weight at the gym faster (hopefully!). Women don't drop weight as fast as men (*evil eyes*) and everyone is different. But, cross those fingers!

-Greens Chews: If you like Now and Later's, I can guarantee you will LOVE these. I take two a day (it doesn't matter if its first thing in the morning or the last thing before brushing my teeth before bed); these also usually cure my sweet tooth for the evening.

-Greens On the Go: I carry a minimum of 4 of these with me at all times. If I'm running around town early in the morning, I will stop at McDonald's and order a small orange juice to mix with this. You can also mix this into a bottle of water, but I like my orange juice.

I have yet to do a review on the other two products that I use, but the combination of the two have helped me boost my fruit and veggie intake and detox my body from soda.

Like I mentioned above, I don't take soda nearly as much as I used to! Bonus points! By craving more fruits and veggies instead of junk food, I've actually been taking the time to prepare my own meals with only fresh foods and products instead of processed foods. I've noticed of the last month, even little man is wanting to eat what I am. Healthier food!

I can't wait to see my long term results by adding the gym does to my current daily intake of It Works products!

What kind of vitamins do you take to keep your intake healthy? Match your vitamin's to It Works' products and see the intake difference. You definitely wont' be sorry; I'm certainly not!

I'm currently waiting on HSN to arrived in the mail. Hairs Nail Skin is said to not only increase your hair and nail growth, but also clear up your skin. I am definitely going to be doing a review for this one.


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