Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Savannah Trip Day 1 - HELLO HELLO HELLO

Hello Everyone,

As I'm clearly behind on posts, I still wanted to share my amazing Girl's Weekend trip with you. The trip took place on May 21st to May 24th. Who wouldn't want a 3-night stay away from home and leaving all of your responsibilities behind?

I actually took time during my trip to write mini blog posts before heading to bed, so I may share my experiences with you.

Let's Begin...


Saturday, May 21st, 2016 ~

I was so excited today about finally being able to disappear from my house and being a mama for four full days, that I actually made myself sick.

How? After driving north for 2 1/2 hours... yes, a merely 2 1/2 hours, I hit separation anxiety - from Mark. Yep. Go me! Luckily, I made it to our first stop in Jekyll Island and Driftwood Beach before that happened. Thankfully, it only lasted 45 minutes to an hour. We stopped at a place called Tortuga Jacks for lunch (beautiful place right on the beach - walking distance to a sandbar that we didn't see until we were on our way off the island.) Although, I did have to take my lunch to go, I was able to enjoy myself during our pit stop.

After leaving Tortuga Jacks, we headed to Driftwood Beach (which isn't too far down the island). If you ever have the time to stop by or actually visit... go to Jekyll Island and Driftwood Beach. You won't need to go for long, but long enough for fun and pictures. It was breathtaking to see what mother nature has accomplished.

Here are some pictures from our pit stop:

Driftwood Beach Entrance

Driftwood Beach 1

Driftwood Beach 2
After spending a solid 3 hours, we hit the road again and headed for Savannah! Woo hoo!

We found some interesting things on the "Kristine's Backway Tour"

Our room

Our room view

Once we arrived, we found the very last parking space at the hotel and checked in, got settled, and decided to head to River Street and walk around for a few hours.

We only walked half of the street, we went shopping (of course) and stopped at Wet Willie's (alcoholic slushie bar) before heading back to the hotel. Oh my, yum! I had a Sex on the Beach slushie... *eyes rolling back* Yum!

While we both may be boring for going to sleep as early as we did in such a beautiful city, at least Sunday morning we'll be refreshed for the day ahead of us and ready to plan our attack on the city.

Since I was up at 6:30 am and Kristine, my travel buddy, had been awake since 7 pm Friday evening (she works nights), we decided to call it a night at 9:30 pm.


As you can tell, even though we drove a majority of the day the first day, we were still able to enjoy a section of it at our first stop (even though I wasn't feeling well) and getting a glimpse of the city before crashing.


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