Monday, June 20, 2016

Family Vacation Day 5 - COLORFUL MOUSE EARS!

Hello Everyone,

Day 5 on our family vacation... a hurricane of activities. My cousin and I decided to take our kiddo's our for their adventure in Orlando!


I've always wanted to go to the Crayola Experience with my son, but none of my friend's wanted to spend the money and join us. Kids under 2 are free. Mark isn't quite there, so he's my freebie. Adults are $18.99 each. My sister also joined us for the day.

The Florida Mall isn't exactly in my backyard, but it was still worth the drive and I hoped to see Mark's face light up as we arrived, but he fell asleep.

Mark created two crayons with their own color name and design. "Mark the Shark" is a nickname he was blessed with when he was a few months old - after he would tackle the bottle when he was hungry. He eventually did the same with the spoon for baby cereal. "MVP" was what was on his shirt the day we went.

While there are many more pictures, I have to upload them onto my new computer off my SD card later this month. I will have to write another post about those pictures.


While we did do some shopping in the Crayola store (I bought Mark every color marker and crayon they had - and they do ALL fit into one of the tins). We made our way to the food court first for lunch, as it was close to 2pm and the kids hadn't had anything to eat since 10am.

While the Florida Mall is only 45 minutes from me, I didn't feel like I need to shop as if I were in a different state. That mall will always be there and I can go anytime - so I budgeted myself & Mark's spending (as a mom, I have a tendency of seeing something I know he'll like or eventually grow into and I'll buy it).

We also stopped at the Disney store and the M&M store. Going to a Disney store in Orlando is comical to me - as Disney is another 30 minutes from the Florida Mall. If you want Disney merchandise, go shop at Downtown Disney (they don't require a ticket to enter and parking is free). But, we went it and I'm kind of glad I did. Not only was Mark excited about seeing Mickey Mouse (I bought him a little one for $10), but I also found us matching shirt's (his was a little big 4T (as he's currently in 3T) and one in my size). Mark work the Mickey Mouse version, as I wore the Minnie Mouse version (I'll have pictures of the front soon.)

The M&M store - well... who doesn't love chocolate? Especially M&M's. Mark was super excited to see the GIANT M&M as we entered the store. I knew, he knew there was chocolate somewhere inside.

If you like Star Wars, they have their own mixes of their M&M Star Wars characters:

 M&M store merchandise...

And... of course, last but not least... candy dispensers...


My cousin ended up buying this small sign to hang on her car rear view mirror - this fit's her personality to a T.

Mark, unfortunately, was extremely tired after our long and exciting day, that he didn't make it to many stores. Before leaving we stopped by a vitamin store that had a muscle man by their door for a quick snap with Mark with muscles.

On our way back to my uncle's time share, however, we were hit by a box truck by one of the time share's employees who were learning to drive the truck. A helpful tip for him - please learn to look for oncoming traffic before hitting the gas.

Thankfully, my son and sister are okay. I was taking the closest emergency room on a back board (which is extremely uncomfortable for anyone, but even more so for someone with previous spine injuries). I am also thankfully that my x-ray's came back normal, but now I have to go to my neurosurgeon and see if he wants to send me for an MRI for a closer look.

My truck will be estimated sometime this week and fixed. I may need a rental car during this time.


After being released from the emergency room and after receiving a muscle relaxer shot in my butt, I was still determined to go to Downtown Disney with my family. While I was moving reallllly slow, I still did it. I knew if I sat down and just relaxed, the following day I would never be able to move. So, the walking seriously helped me.

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