Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Family Vacation Day 6 - Recovery & Goodbye

Hello Everyone,

What a week! I am going to miss watching Mark run around the time share, playing with his cousin Riley and walking up to my uncle and greeting him "Hey, Bruce!" with his little mouse voice.


My cousin and I started our morning with taking the kiddo's to the Sea Life Orlando Aquarium (next door to the Orlando Eye). For such a small building, they really used their limited space wisely.

Before we entered the actual aquarium, we looked down to see Mark and Riley holding hands before their adventure began.

As we made our way around the aquarium, you can tell I took some pictures to share with everyone. I knew it would only be a matter of time before my son didn't want to look at fish anymore. 2 year olds don't have a big attention span yet.

Before leaving the aquarium, Mark found a truck to add to his collection of vehicle's with the logo on the side. Of course, I was thinking 'No', but after finding out it was only $5 and a majority of the proceeds go to the animals - why not?


I believe they had more fun at Monkey Joe's because they were allowed to run around and burn off energy. However, us (the parents) greatly benefitted from it as they slept for 2 1/2 hours for their nap as we got back to the time share.

We spent the remainder of the day in door, as it was pouring and lightening outside - we planned on going to the pool, but that was a no-go. We made fun of each other, shared stories and just spent time together as a family, laughing and making memories.

While we have to wait until next year for our next family vacation, I'm already eager to make those memories.

Do you go on vacation's with your family? Where have you been?


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