Friday, June 17, 2016

Family Vacation Day 4 - LEGOLAND, POOL & S'MORES

Hello Everyone,

Tuesday morning, I planned on skipping breakfast and heading down to the pool when they opened at 9am (since no one would be there and it would be extremely relaxing). However, when I got downstairs, also with hopes of reserving a canopy for the family for the day, the pool was closed due to weather conditions. It was cloudy, no rain, no thunder, no lightening... but remember what I said a few days ago about the 10 mile radius? Yeah, go me!

So, I went back upstairs to break the news to the family and we whipped up some breakfast. Eggs, sausage, hash browns & my GREENS! Similar to yesterday's breakfast.

As soon as we were done, the pool was open again. As soon as it did, Mark and I were the first in the pool. My little fish was beyond excited to go swimming again - he even said "wee" as soon as his little feet hit the warm water. Yes, the bathtub.

We ended up spending a good 2 1/2 hours by the pool (yes, I put sunscreen on Mark - myself included and I usually don't put any on myself).

Mark from MaMaLand and Emmett from LEGOLAND

The resort had a slew of activities planned throughout the day at different pools. Our pool, St. Augustine, was gifted with Emmett from LEGOLAND who came to visit the kids and take pictures with them (that was free), the resort was also hosting a raffle for the parents to win two tickets to either the Orlando Aquarium or LEGOLAND. They also had something called the Bear Factory that let the kids make stuffed animals for $20 each. Another activity that not many kids participated in was making superhero capes and masks, which were $10 for the set. A majority of the kids at our pool were older than 7, which made sense as to why the superhero activity wasn't so popular.

My aunt ended up scoring two tickets to LEGOLAND in one of the raffles!

After that, we took the little ones upstairs for nap time. Mark and Riley insisted on hugging each other before heading to their rooms.

Left: Mark
Right: Riley
Afterwards, we quickly put dinner together, ate and headed out for more resort activities...this time without the little one's. Mark stayed with my mom in the room, as my sister, cousin and I headed over to the big pool for some S'mores (they gave you a bag that makes 12 s'mores for $12).

After we had our sugar fix, we walked back to the room. This was our view:


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