Thursday, June 16, 2016

Family Vacation Day 3 - HEALTHY CHOICES & GREENS

Hello Everyone,

Monday morning started out great, as we made breakfast for everyone! Nothing like getting in my greens and a healthy breakfast before 9am! (I'm on vacation - that's early.)

Eggs, Sausage, Hash Browns & Fruit
My Greens weren't pictured unfortunately

After heading back to the pool, yet again... Mark figured out how to swim on his own (with the assistance of his swimmers, of course). I wasn't more than a foot from him. We stayed for a few hours before the pool was closed due to thunder and lightening. Big surprise. but, during our first swim break, I slathered on more sunscreen on both of us (Mark and I) and grabbed a drink a snack (for both of us, as well). I grabbed some cashews, cheese cubes & seltzer, while Mark had some water and goldfish.

**Not sure if this is everywhere, but in Orlando, if there is thunder and lightening within a 10 mile radius, any kind of resort will shut down their pools until further notice.**

So, while it wasn't completely pouring out - we planned to head to dinner and plan an activity for the kids before heading back to the resort.

We headed to Golden Corral for dinner. Some of you may be saying "eww" right away, but this has been a family tradition for the last 12 years. Not sure why or who even started it, but it has been. I made myself a giant salad, found some baby back ribs, and even indulged myself with a brownie to complete my meal. Within the first 5 minutes of being there, however, Mark spilled his tea all over the floor next to my chair (we were trying to get him to use his big boy cup that evening - Mark 1 Mama 0).

He was so happy they had chicken, so was I. He doesn't eat breaded chicken, only grilled - and it MUST be seasoned. Does anyone else experience this with their little ones?

After dinner we headed to Monkey Joe's (clearly after their food has digested). While we looked online the night before for their hours, they were closed by the time we arrived at 8:15pm, but their website clearly stated they would be open until 10pm. We should have called and asked in advanced since it's a tourist area.


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