Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Family Vacation Day 2 - POOL DAY

Hello Everyone,

Last Sunday, I got Mark ready for the pool. It had been almost a full year since he was in a big pool, not including the splash pad or his own blow up pool filled with no more than a foot of water. He absolutely LOVES it and quickly became a fish. Of course, he had his swimmers on. He kept saying "wee" when he got in (like that GEICO commercial of the pig), had no problem getting his face wet (even though he needs to learn not to drink it) - I even dunked him twice, he likes to jump from the side step (the one that is in the water), I was able to teach him to kick if he wants to move around the pool.

Top: Riley (my cousin's daughter)
Bottom: Mark (my son)

It was comical to see him just float around the pool and swim with everyone else instead of being glued to me. I seriously thought that I would have a baby stuck to my arm in the pool, but he proved me wrong.

However, when he was glued to me...we were dancing in the water, I would hum our song and he had his head on my shoulder, as I swayed in the water. It was a relaxing bonding moment for us.

After the pool, we wanted to grill some burgers and hot dogs, but because we were in the middle of Tropical Storm Colin, we had to cook everything on the stove. Grilling isn't the same without a BBQ :(


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