Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Viral Infections... Ugh!

Hello Everyone,

Last week, I was visited by the allergy fairy...this week, I was gifted with a viral infection. For adults, it's simply a head cold (thank god). However, after visiting a friend last week, who's 3 out of 6 little's had a viral infection, Mark received the gift too.

Friday evening after changing a wet diaper, I noticed a HUGE red spot on Mark's butt. It seriously looked like a bug bite that he was allergic to. I gave him Benadryl right away and it disappeared.

Saturday morning during a community garage sale, my mother noticed more welts. It was clearly not an allergic reaction to the brand of diapers he's using. I gave him more Benadryl and called his doctor. I was told by the nurse on-call that if after giving him more Benadryl did they come back or multiply, that they would like to see him. What do you know? A few hours later, exactly that happened. Not only did they come back, but they multiplied and covered a great deal of his body.

Over the last week, the only thing that has changed is a mass cleaning day when I broke out cleaning chemicals. I never clean with him around - he's either asleep or outside.

After seeing the urgent care doctor, they gave him prednisolone for a cough that he developed on Friday as well. No fever, no rash - just the welts.

This morning, he woke up extremely agitated and wanted only my mother, but once he saw her he kept arguing with us (not like him at all). I grabbed him a juice mixed with his medicine. 20 minutes after finishing, he threw it all up. During this time, his pediatrician was calling to see how he was doing and to set up a follow up appointment for later in the week. I called her back as soon as I could get Mark cleaned up and changed. After waiting an hour to get through, we set up an appointment ASAP.

We saw the doctor for literally 5 minutes and she immediately told me that Mark has a viral infection that has been going around. Kids, apparently, 8 years and old and younger have been getting flu like symptoms accompanied with contact allergy welts. It may last a little over a week. Anything Mark eats (no more than 6 mini wheat's) or drinks (juice, water or milk) quickly comes right back up. According to his doctor, as long as he's still trying to eat and drink and he doesn't become dehydrated, she isn't concerned.

He's been sleeping on and off all day, but my luck he'll be awake all night.

I hope we're not sick for Mother's Day.

Does anyone have plans for Mother's Day?


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