Monday, April 25, 2016

Baskets, Boxes and Blinds... Oh My!

Hello Everyone,

These past two days have been interesting... even if most of it consisted of lounging around.

Friday night, I spent the night at a friends house babysitting her youngest son (he's hilarious by the way - needs a camera on him at all times and submit something to America's Funniest Videos), so she could go to work. He went to bed surprisingly early (for him), so I spent the night working on building the blog.

Saturday morning, I went to pick up some tables (coffee table and an end table), picked up breakfast on the way, and headed home to a VERY excited toddler eager to see Mama. While I wanted to lounge the rest of the day, my weekends are the busiest.

My mother helped me move my entertainment unit and my son's Mickey Mouse TV out of our room to donate. I'll be ordering a new tv and wall mount within the next few weeks, along with a movie (VHS/DVD) cabinet. I'm a literally living out of laundry baskets and boxes right now. My OCD is going bananas. I cringe every time I walk into my room, because I want to organize and put things away, but I have NOWHERE to put anything.

Sunday, SUN DAY...SUN... key word ... it was HOT today. Enough's Florida for ya. Anyway, since my mother helped me Saturday, today was my day to help her with the blinds and curtains in our front room. I was super excited about this in the beginning, because my mother has had the same curtain design up since 1998 and I'm a big fan of change and something was FINALLY changing. So, I'm the lucky winner of getting on a ladder next to 9-foot walls and disassembling our old curtains and blinds and putting up the new ones.

However, standing next to a window in direct sunlight at 3:30pm in Florida when it's HOT out, isn't the best time to take curtains and blinds down. I was melting. My mother even made the comment that she could feel her pores opening up. I'm sure there is still a Meredith puddle in my family room. Curtains were the easy part - done in less than 5 minutes. Dissembling the hardware for the blinds that have been installed for 18 years were difficult. If anyone knows about anchors you put into the wall before the screw...don't wait 18 years before getting new blinds. The anchors had dried out so much that they cracked inside the walls and about 25% of them are still in my walls. Once it was off, I was relieved.

New curtains - new hardware. I was excited to see change in my house. Well... lining up the hardware to put the screws was easy, actually getting the screws into the wall...haha not so much. We're lucky that we got our curtain rod and curtains up before dinner. Our blinds are still sitting on the couch. I've given up. The blinds hate me.

Well, when they are officially up, I'll snap a shot.


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