Friday, April 22, 2016

This or That? New Computer...

Hello Everyone,

This past week has been an upside down rollercoaster that I never want to travel down again. While the high points were great, the lower ones - well, I guess that's why their called low points.

My amazing Dell laptop, of 10 years, has finally decided to only work when it wants needs to have its final resting place...somewhere. I need a new computer with updated programs. I also have an mini HP laptop and in the beginning it did it's job of joining me during my college lectures to help take notes for finals. However, if anyone were to ask you to borrow you're new or used laptop...DON'T. While my laptops have done what I've needed them to... after letting family members and friends borrow them for whatever, they've both retained viruses I cannot get off them. :(

I am looking forward to getting a new laptop - while I haven't completely decided on what company I'm going to go with this time. Dell has always been my family's go-to computer company... while it hasn't been nice to me (I've owned 2 Dell laptops).

I really enjoyed how accommodating HP was for the limited use that I needed it for. If you are in college and need a small computer to help with notes and PowerPoints - HP is the way to go. Just make sure you get a CD drive built in - it was a pain to remember to bring my external CD drive, just incase I needed it or not.

A friend of mine has a Apple Desktop and while I'm very mobile or at least try to be, I've been checking out the Apple MacBooks. Does anyone have one that would be able to give me a good review on how they are personally?

What computer do you currently have and what drew you to buying it? A specific program that you need for blogging?

While a laptop is anywhere near a major change in my personal will be my new flashy toy - probably for the next 5 years.


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