Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Contribute a Guest Post/Become a Writer

Would you like to write for us?

Do you have a powerful, hilarious, lesson-learned story to share? We know you do.

Is it time to share your expertise on motherhood, eats, managing money, couponing, adventures, self-care, etc?

Then it is time to submit your post(s) to On Your Mark...

We will personally read every submission and will contact you to let you know if it will be published.

Before you begin:

-We want your writing to be phenomenal! Compel our readers to keep reading. You're amazing! We want to see your personality in the words you choose.

-We expect spell-checking and grammar-proofing.

-We are empowering, honest, kind, vulnerable, funny, educated, smart, accountable and real. Not every post needs all of that, but no post we publish will be vengeful, dishonest or an attack on anyone.

-We need you. Voicing your life will help build a fuller, more diverse, even more amazing blog.

-We will contact you whether your post will be published or not. Please give us 5-7 days to respond. We will try to offer insight if it is not a good fit for our blog. If it will be published, we will give you the date it will go live so you can be sure to tell your readers to log on.

-We will promote your published posts with loads of loves across our social networks. We are quite sure you will want to do the same and when you read a post by another reader, we bet you will help share their story too.

Now... onto your article.

Please send your articles to: onyourmarklifestyle@gmail.com.

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