Monday, June 12, 2017

Oh my goodness!! Where Have I Been?!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Where did I disappear to?? Seriously, I've been working on ME!

While working on ME, I realized that I seriously MISS writing...blogging...or venting...whichever you want to call it...but I'm back!

While this post can be long, because I've been MIA for 6 months...let's make this short and sweet and we'll get back on a regular routine!

If you've been following me for a while, you should know by now that I always take on more than I can chew...well, that hasn't changed. In fact, it's grown! What else could I honestly take on??

If you are looking for some weight loss motivation, you should stop by my group on Fat Secret...Dream It! Live It! Motivation Group. If you can't plan how you want to live your life, you won't. Plus, I like to toss in some random motivation for those who start looking for those extra carbs or something super sweet in the pantry.

Little man and I literally just got back two days ago from a week long trip to Disney and Islands of Adventure. Why would I take a toddler to a roller-coaster theme park like Islands of Adventure...because believe it or not, there are still a lot of things a toddler can do and see there. Next time, we'll be going to Universal...maybe in a few months. It's Florida...never really cold.

While I am still fully blown into eating healthy and working out, life caught up with me and put those on the side burner until starting up again this week. Hey, life happens. I'm human!

What did life bring me? Life brought me, yet, another amazing miracle...known as a photography company. Yep, I'm officially a paid photographer and I'm loving every minute of it! While I am still an It Works Distributor, being a Photographer still allows me to flexibility in my schedule to be able to plan outrageous trips with little our recent WEEK LONG TRIP to see his favorite pal...Donald Duck!

My photography company is called Two Snaps Up! Located in Orlando, but I've traveled to each the west and east coasts of Florida for sessions. I work mainly on family portraits, with the occasional landscape (that I do in my free time). Lately, I've been working with a lot of aspiring models and actors and prepping for a modeling session for July. My bestie has joined me in running the company. We make a great team! She's a die-hard camera guru and our studio is at her place. We are a small business, but we are growing rapidly! Be sure to check us out...I'm hoping to bring in a referral program within the next few months...before the holiday season!!

Well, that's enough for today...I'll just jump right back into my posts like I never left! Definitely more pictures from our trips coming soon!!


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