Monday, November 7, 2016

Why Positive Affirmations Work (And How To Write Your Own!)

Written By: Shannon Boyce

Say it with me. Positive thoughts lead to a positive life. Okay, so it sounds simplistic and maybe even a little far-fetched. However, positive thinking has been proven to improve your mood. Not to mention the way you view your life. So it should come as no surprise that positive affirmations have become a widespread practice. Want to try them for yourself? Write some of your own? This is your guide to all things affirmations.

What Positive Affirmations Are. The best place to start is by understanding what positive affirmations actually are. These are essentially statements said with confidence. Each statement is spoken as if it is already a true and undeniable fact. (Even if it is not true just yet.) For example, I am confident. I am strong. I am powerful. These statements are spoken either aloud or in your head - and can bring forth noticeable changes.

How does it happen? The brain cannot tell the difference between what is read an what is imagined. So when you think positively (and experience happy feelings associated with the positive thinking) your brain associates those feelings with your statement or goal. That makes it easier to turn them into a reality.

What Positive Affirmations Do. It is all well and good to think positively or repeat affirmations throughout the day. But do they actually work? They can. For starters, affirmations can undo years and years of negative thinking. The kind of thinking that has limited your self-belief and self-worth. An example? Maybe you have been raised to think that you are useless or a failure. Positive affirmations can help you re-wire that destructive mindset.

Focusing on the positive makes it easier to feel good about your life, be grateful for the blessings you have, and put things into perspective. Affirmations also make you consciously aware of areas you want to improve. That could have to do with your weight, career, or the relationship you have with friends. Bringing positive thinking to the table can give you the confidence you need to make necessary changes.

How To Write Your Own. There is no doubt about it. The mind is a very powerful tool. It has been proven that positive thoughts can lead to positive actions. Which means it is time to start writing your very own affirmations. Ones that speak to your life. Begin by jotting down the most pressing issues that you face. They might have to do with self-confidence, the ability to accept change, or even being looked over for a promotion at work.

Next, write down a series of statements that start with I can, I will, or I am. These statements should be constructive, powerful, and goal oriented. (A few examples include: I can do anything. I will receive the next promotion at work. I am a good friend and strong individual.) Try looking online for more suggestions or watching positive affirmation videos on YouTube. Both will get your creative juices flowing!

Recite these affirmations each morning or throughout the day. Before long? You will feel comfortable making positive changes.

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