Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tips To Help You Deal With Bad Days

Written By: Shannon Boyce

Bad days happen to good people. Maybe you're upset about the state of the world, an argument you had with a friend, or you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. It's okay to be grumpy and upset...so long as your bad mood doesn't last indefinitely. Can't get out of your funk? Feel like shutting out the world? Here are some coping mechanisms to help you transform any bad day.

Take Some Time To Vent. Sure, you want to be happy and excited about life, but stuff happens. Every so often you may start to feel frustrated and overwhelmed. It could be the result of a specific situation or just a bunch of small things piling up. Whatever the reason, it is important to take time to vent. Open up a Word document on your computer, put pen to paper, or put on some music and let your mind wander. Just allow yourself to feel. Don't question whether or not your feelings are valid. Just feel. It is best to avoid talking to other people during this time as their reaction may upset you. Spend time thinking ,writing, and letting it out.

Work Up a Sweat. Speaking of letting it all out...working up a sweat is a great way to turn things around. Are you mad? Annoyed? Upset? Pop in a kick-box or cardio DVD. Or you can search YouTube for some aerobic workout videos. (If the weather is still nice where you live, going for a run is another great option!) By channeling all of that negative energy into something positive, you will burn calories, let go of your anger, and re-focus your mind. By the time you finish working out? You will feel so much better.

Read Something That Makes You Feel Good. It is amazing how powerful a little inspiration can be. The right words can re-fuel your fire and help you find a bit of inner peace. Pick up a book you love (one that you have read over and over again. The familiarity can have a calming effect) or treat yourself to some uplifting quotes. There are great quote websites online or you can always search on Pinterest and Instagram for something special. After a few minutes of therapeutic reading...you will start to feel like your normal self again. Phew!

Try To Practice Gratitude. One of the first things that a bad day does? It robs us of our gratitude. Instead of being happy and grateful for the things we do have (or the things that are going right), we focus on all of the negative. In order to truly transform your day - and your mindset - it is essential to re-focus your mind. Try to practice gratitude. Stop and think of five things you are grateful for right now. Like the fact that you have a job (even if you hate it), that there are people who love you, and that you are healthy. Find things to be grateful for. Even if it is just that your hair looks good! Positivity breeds positivity. Infuse your day with it and get ready to experience results.

It's true. Bad days and sour moods are inevitable. However, it is possible to turn it all around. Just put these tips to the test the next time you are feeling low!

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