Monday, November 21, 2016

Stay Warm Without Sacrificing Style

Written By: Shannon Boyce

Layering is a fashion essential. Not only is this a fall and winter runway trend year after year, but it is the most practical way to deal with the changing temperatures. You know how it goes. One day it feels nice and warm, and the next, it is windy and rainy. That is just how this time of year is: totally unpredictable! To keep your style fresh and fabulous this season, you'll need a solid plan of action. Not to worry. These tips will help you stay warm without sacrificing style.

Incorporate Trendy (and Layerable) Pieces Into Your Look. It's true. Layered looks are popular whenever the fall and winter months roll around. That doesn't mean your outfits should be boring or predictable, though. Add in some trendy new pieces to take your layering to a whole new level of stylish.

Some examples of trendy - and layerable - pieces you can incorporate into your wardrobe include: bomber jackets (there are plenty of great styles to choose from, many have a satin-esque finish and detailed embroidery) and oversized flannel shirts (pick up one with patches sewn on to give your outfit a bit of 90's flair). By making your layers playful and on trend, you will breathe new life into your fall style.

Embrace Lightweight Scarves. Some scarves can be bulky and overwhelming. Before long, that cool weather accessory will leave you feeling like the Michelin man! It doesn't have to be that way. Hold off on knitted or heavy scarves until the temperatures are seriously freezing.

Until then? Stick to lightweight scarves. They are a great way to add a pop of colour to your look, get bold with prints and patterns, and protect your neck from those harsh winds. You will feel confident and stylish without feeling the chill.

Add Personality To Old Items In Your Closet. Staying warm and stylish doesn't have to empty out your bank account. This is a great chance to get creative. That's right...DIY your wardrobe this fall. Grab items from your closet that keeps you warm and toasty and give them an update.

A few ideas to get you started? Add studs to your favourite pair of gloves or small crystals to an old sweatshirt or sweater. For the latter, keep it current by focusing those add-on's around the neckline only. Or you can go for an 80's or 90's inspired look by bejewelling the sweater at random. Throwback style never looked so good! There are tons of great DIYs to try. Take a look at tutorials online or inspiration sites like Pinterest.

Not only will you unleash your creative side but you will be rocking a fashion forward outfit (that'll keep you warm) all season long.

The best thing about fashion? All of the possibilities. If you can dream it, you can create it! With a few new additions (or some re-working of older pieces) you will look stylish day in and day out. Plus, you will be prepared for any and all weather conditions. What are you waiting for? Get your seasonal style on.

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