Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Plan, Record, Succeed

Written By: Hope Jennings

These are the words that sums up goals...the importance of setting concrete goals and also tracking them consistently is what helps you actually achieve them. Having a structure around a goal is paramount to creating a path to reach them!! This post is inspired by my good friend, Meredith. While I've watched you not only start from scratch with two amazing blogs, I'm also watching you build two businesses of your own from scratch yet again. You're an inspiring stay-at-home-single-mama, who is extremely gifted with many talents. Both of her personal companies, she doesn't talk about too often, but she's truly gifted. Plus, her teams (staff members) are full of very inspirational individuals from all over.

If you set a goal for yourself, you have it clearly in front of you and that provides you with a sense of direction. You have a better idea about what you would like to be working on, so you can take action in a more directed way. You end up being much more satisfied than if you simply drifted around. You first have to find your focus on what could help you to move closer to what you want to accomplish, and you ought to do this in a very detailed and clear way.

Some people, like Meredith, have a number of different hobbies, professional activities and assignments that they are trying to manage at the same time. Looking at a list that is clearly laid out and well-structured can really be beneficial. It allows you to avoid losing track of the big picture, which gives you more structure in your life.

Meredith is constantly working on several things at the same time; there are days that I'll call her and she's in the middle of a session for one company or in the middle of a team meeting with the other. She always finds time in her day to call me or shoot me an email, if it's super late. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with my goals list, I pick her brain and she always gets me back on the right track to moving forward.

Many goals are set for the long term, so you have to develop perseverance and stick with something. Moreover, you have to be able to analyze why something didn't work out in the way that you wanted. You can look at the reasons that you reach some goals more easily, and you find it hard to reach others.

After watching Meredith, I noticed that while she's aiming for the long-term goal, she's dividing them up into many interim mini-goals. During which, in my own experience, I soon developed my own perseverance and I no longer give up right away, like many times before.

With a clear goal in front of you, you remain more motivated. You know what you have planned, why you are doing it and what outcome you're expecting. If you need more motivation, I find it reassuring to either email Meredith or spend some time on Pinterest looking for some words of wisdom.

Setting goals is the be-all and end-all in terms of being successful, regardless of how you define success. If you set smart goals for yourself, it will be easier for you to make your intentions, ideas and dreams real.

As I've mentioned Meredith as many of my examples in this post, let me share what her goals have changed for her.

Last year around this time, she was very nervous about Christmas coming up. She wasn't sure where the money for gifts was going to come from, if at all. Being a single mother myself, I can tell you it is extremely difficult to watch her go through some difficult hurdles and only be able to provide some words of wisdom. Last year, she asked for holiday assistance from programs around her area, so she may provide a holiday for her son. While it wasn't much, I don't believe one-year-old's need more than a few toys and some clothes...but nevertheless, they were there to help her when she needed it the most.

My, how the tables have turned in just a year. Today, after speaking with her, I was inspired to write this post. She doesn't have to worry about Christmas this year or the next. She had a long-term goal and ended up dividing it up into mini-goals throughout the year. Not only did she set up an amazing budget system, that she stuck to all year; but, she also formed two businesses from scratch and makes a decent income. She's giving back to the community as much as she possibly can, as well. For this holiday season, she and her donation group 'Loving Hearts' have joined together and created a "Purse Project" for the homeless communities. Her team of donors will be passing out bags filled with blessing books, scarves, toiletries and one should be alone during the holiday's.

I wish her the best! Congratulations Meredith on everything!

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