Friday, November 4, 2016

The Best Reasons To Travel This Fall

Written By: Shannon Boyce

Right now? I am itching for a getaway. Maybe it's because the holiday season is just far enough away to feel impossible or perhaps I am still longing for those beautiful summer days. Whatever the is on my mind. Are you feeling the same? Desperate to take a vacation of your own? Stop waiting and start planning. Here are some of the best reasons to travel this fall.

The Weather Is Picture Perfect. There is something spectacular about fall weather. It doesn't matter if you are deep in the southern part of the United States or are enjoying the picturesque views of the English countryside. One thing is the constant: the weather. The fall season is known for its pleasant temperatures. Typically, it is more mild and comfortable to be in. Though the weather may vary from destination to destination, you can except cool breezes and cloud cover. That makes it possible to stay outside longer - without worrying about things like heat stroke and SPF. So, pack a lightweight jacket and start exploring. Your days will be full of gorgeous views and incredible fall weather.

You Can Get Discounted Rates. Sometimes, budget is a key factor when you travel. It can determine where you visit and for how long. Limited funds do not have to hold you back. It simply means you need to get strategic when planning your dream getaway. For instance, consider when you will travel. The fall season (specifically before the holiday rush begins) tends to be much quieter. That means flights are often discounted, seat sales are common, and it is possible to snag an unbelievable deal on accommodations. Shop around, use comparison websites, and check airlines for discount codes. By being a savvy traveler, you can save money and still take an incredible fall getaway.

Tourist Spots Are Less Crowded. Don't you hate it? Pushing past swarms of people just to get a halfway decent view? That scenario describes every tourist attraction ever. There are always tons of people crowded around every corner. That can make it difficult to see what you came to see! Want a better view? How about a more relaxing travel experience? Then the fall season is the perfect time to do some exploring. This is a slower travel time (also known as the off-peak season) for many exciting destinations. Rather than fighting the crowds in the spring and early summer can see and do some truly incredible things. With thinner crowds and a lot less stress.

There Are Plenty of Fun Festivities. Everyone wants to make special travel memories. Not to worry...there are plenty of ways to do that in the fall. Many cities host annual festivities during this time of year. Take Oktoberfest as an example. Imagine being able to eat a traditional German meal and drink from a stein. Now that would be a great fall holiday. It doesn't end there. Other fall festivals include the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (in the United States), MassKara Festival (in the Philippines), and Diwali (in India and other cities around the world). Choose a festival and start planning your fall vacation around it.

Fall is pretty amazing. Especially when you add travel to the mix. Enjoy the beautiful weather, lower prices, thinner crowds, and amazing events. You'll never dream of a summer getaway again!

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