Saturday, November 12, 2016

How To Become A Morning Exerciser

Written By: Hope Jennings

So you're not a morning person; you just can't seem to make morning exercise part of your routine. But the chances are, even if you have trouble doing it, you still realize how great it would be to get it out of the way before you take on the day. After all, the benefits of morning workouts are pretty awesome.

Consistency - it's rare that a meeting or conference call can be called at 6 AM, so interruptions aren't likely.

Hormones - the hormones that help you build muscle and burn fat are at their peak early in the morning, making early workouts more efficient.

Eating Better - morning exercises choose a healthier breakfast and studies show that those who start with a healthy breakfast eat better all day long.

Better Sleep - morning exercisers tend to fall asleep more quickly and sleep better through the night.

Energy - morning exerciser gives you more energy throughout the day. You might think you'd be more tired, but the opposite is true.

Now that you're convinced that morning exercise is worth a try, how can you implement being an early bird? Is there anything that can help you make morning workouts part of your lifestyle? Here are some of my favorite tricks to become a morning exerciser.

Decide The Night Before
Whether or not, you should workout is not a decision you can make in the morning. Your pillow and blanket will win every time. You must make up your mind the night before and make it a non-negotiable plan. Set an alarm. Actually, set more than two alarms, five minutes apart to get your butt out of bed.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare
Pack your bags with everything you'll need after your workout. Taking 10 minutes before you go to bed to prepare as much as possible for the morning will help.

Stay Focused On The Outcome
When you can barely get out of bed, visualize how you will feel when you hit the shower all hot and sweaty, energized and ready for the day with your workout complete and checked off your list.

Buddy Up
Make a plan to meet a friend for the workout. You'll be less inclined to disappoint them by skipping a workout.

Enlist A Trainer
Ever if it's just for a few sessions to get you started, hire a trainer or get a membership at Planet Fitness - their trainers are free to their members. Set the early morning times with your trainer all in advance. You will be much more motivated to get up and out the door.

Start With Two Days
Entering gently might be the best way to make it a habit. Start with two days a week. Pick the days that are going to be the easiest to manage and choose mornings where you can get to bed early enough the night before.

Load Up On Water
You'll want to be well hydrated for your workout so drink at least 16 oz of water right before your head hits the pillows. The trick here is less about hydration and more about evacuation. When you alarm goes off, it's much more compelling to get up if you're uncomfortable and need to go to the bathroom.

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