Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Special Memory

Written By: Deanna

When I was little, I loved this one band. They were awesome, actually my parents listened to them too and we'd go see them in concert. It was great. Concerts were something my parents and I did.

Believe it or not, some of the local bands I used to listen to growing up are still around and touring. Despite the fact that I've moved and it's been a few years, I still get the chance to see them every now and then. For my 20th birthday, I had the insane pleasure of being able to see one of those bands - on the day of my birthday.

In Saskatoon, Sasatchewan, a Canadian band named The Creepshow came to Amegos on April 26th, which happened to be my birthday. I'm used to not having anything special to do on my birthday. With my families work schedule, we would just do something when we can - but this year we had a reason to celebrate on my birthday. We got together with a few friends, had dinner and headed to the show.

Since they were a smaller band, which let's face it - they are the best bands to see, they were out before the show chatting to people in the bar and selling the merch. They (kindly) gave me a bandana and a whole handful of stickers as a free gift - but there was more.

When the band was on stage, they called me up to stand with them and they sang me Happy Birthday. Along with the rest of the bar, who joined in.

Not many people can say that one of their favorite bands have personally sang Happy Birthday to them. I can, and it's something that I will always remember and something that will always stick with me. Something that adds to my unique life. Something that will always be a special memory to me.

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