Monday, October 3, 2016

October Fitness Challenge Day 3

Hey Everyone!

Today is officially the beginning of WEEK 1 and what better way to start that than with a morning smoothie recipe and a high protein breakfast, supplements and a morning stretching routine before we start the day!

Every morning, I do the same three yoga poses to help warm up my back muscles for the day ahead. After having a back injury in 2011, these have been the three poses that have helped me avoid surgery - as it increases my flexibility. The Cat Pose...The Cow Pose... and the Child's Pose.

I also do them right before bed, after taking my evening supplements (but we'll get into that more later).

So, before I make breakfast, I have to take two supplements for joint relief and daily stress. I'll go into more detail later. I only them once a day and first thing in the morning. As they are breaking down and getting into my system, I'm making breakfast for myself, whipping up my morning smoothie, making breakfast for little man, setting the table and cleaning the kitchen (after breakfast is made, of course). Right before I eat breakfast, I take another supplement to boost my metabolism. Why can't I take it with the other supplements? Because it will cancel itself out if I take them all at the same time. I need at least a 30 minute buffer, and by making breakfast, I achieve that.

The yellow pill is my joint relief supplement, the brown one in the middle is my daily stress relief supplement and the one on the right is my metabolism booster supplement. Their effects are really much more attractive than their appearance...remember not to judge a book by it's cover. Same idea.

So, where are we on this morning smoothie recipe?!?

My morning smoothie recipe always includes...
peaches, strawberries, pineapple, coconut water, my greens supplement, and occasionally some acai smoothie mix. I have this with my breakfast 95% of the time. I'm officially off needing coffee, because of this smoothie! I receive the same burst of energy, as I would from coffee. Now, I drink coffee because I want to, not because I need it to wake me up.

And you should know by now, from previous posts, that I always have eggs and bacon. Does it get old? Sometimes. But, I can stick to my strict eating plan on a very simple breakfast...I also had avocado, but I ate that before the bacon was finished cooking.

While Mark, my sister and I spent our morning (after breakfast) working on some Halloween crafts, I also took some of that time to go through his toys and make a dent before Christmas. I achieved a goal today, by organizing his toys and posting toys he's no longer been interested in on my donation page, Loving Hearts.

I'm assuming Mark is in the middle of a growth spurt (he always wants to sleep and cuddle)... no objections on the cuddling part. So, before nap time...because I of course fell asleep with him...I managed to get in some calisthenics before crashing.

(repeat twice)
*yoga poses for 5 minutes
*20 push ups
*20 second plank
*20 second wall squat

You're welcome to follow me on my Facebook Weight Loss Group page, as I'll be posting pictures from wherever this challenge takes me. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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