Tuesday, October 4, 2016

French Beauty?

Written By: Deanna

Have you heard of the book The French Beauty Solution? It's a cute little thing, all about French Women's approach to beauty. I read it recently and I have to admit, I related to a lot of what I read. For example, apparently a lot of French women wear very minimal make up, if you read what I keep in my makeup bag, you'll know I don't have a lot in there. I don't know if it's because I'm cheap or because I'm too lazy to do my makeup, but either way, apparently this lines up with the way French women approach beauty. I say "apparently" because I'm honestly not sure, I've never met any French girls who can say this is or isn't true.

And, for French women, diet is a very big aspect of how they approach beauty. To me, it is as well. To me, diet is many things. It's supposed to be enjoyed, but it's supposed to nourish the body and bring out the beauty.

But the biggest thing I took away from the book, something I already kinda knew to be honest, is that French women are not the type of women to cover up a flaw, but instead work towards fixing it. Also, according to the book, weekly/monthly facials are a thing. Now, doesn't that sound lovely?! And doing them at home can be affordable, either buy DIY-ing it, or by buying a bulk lot off Ebay. So, I think the big thing we all need to take away from French Beauty is that you should all go out and pamper yourself. Maybe not a facial, maybe a massage or a manicure- whatever it is that will make you feel pampered. 

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