Monday, October 17, 2016

My Target Halloween Haul

Written By: Meredith

As Halloween is creeping up on us and it is by far my favorite holiday of the year, I decided since I was already planning to stop by Target for some velcro (for a DIY project in the works) and some Halloween decorations, that I would share them with you. Granted, these items will definitely be on sale as soon as Halloween is over, but Mark is finally at the age where he understands the holiday and I can get him more involved than he was last year.

The Halloween department is like finding the holy grail. There is a ton of creativity that goes into the holiday and you aren't restricted to what you'd like to be or how to decorate your house. My decor tastes have become more refined over the years, but I remember one year we had every decoration we owned somewhere inside/outside. There was absolutely no organization, it was just a "put it here" method. Last year, I think we only put our big plug in pumpkin out front and put my dad in charge of "candy duty."

My parents have always talked about throwing a Halloween party, but to my knowledge, I don't believe they've ever had one. Honestly, work schedules are to blame for that one. It takes a lot of planning to come up with a Halloween party, but in the weeks leading to Halloween...we've always become swamped with something. Thus, planning has become impossible.

A Classic!
Halloween is a month long celebration for me. I try to incorporate it into each and every day. For example, Mark and I did Halloween painting crafts this morning...and tonight, we watched The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, because honestly, you can't have a Halloween without Ichabod Crane. This DVD was my first Halloween Haul find this year...eek! And Mr. Toad was a childhood favorite (I was a weird kid...not many kids know who he is today :( ).

Target movie tip that you must know about me...I never spend more than $5 for a movie from a store. If I want a movie and spend more than that, I'm buying it from and buying more than one at a time. I have a method to that, something that usually happens around Christmas - so keep an eye pealed for that! However...Target's link provided above states that the DVD was $7 and change, but because it was on the wrong self and marked wrong, they honored the price!

So, my mom has an obsession with hand towels... I will definitely be going over this after Christmas... as I always buy her more every year for Christmas! But, when I found Halloween inspired hand towels...those were mine! Yep, bought them, love them, etc...will they be used in the kitchen...probably only when I'm preparing mine/Mark's meals for the week. Aren't they cute?! You can find the different styles here.

So, these will probably be year round decoration keepers. The regular sized candle stick holders that you find in every store throughout the year, to me, are light weight and won't stand a table shake...but these, the one's they place in the Halloween decoration department, are can do a few reps of curls if you're recovering from a arm muscle injury. They can hold both candle sticks and those thicker solid color candles. They don't look wide enough to hold a Bath and Body Works candle, but I'll give it a try. After Halloween, these will make their way to the front hallway table with my glass vases for a more classic entry decoration. Plus, they were very affordable...coming in at $6 each.

I may go back for a few more of these...they also have them in off white.

I usually carve amazing designs into my pumpkins every day, even though I wait til a week before to do it, because the pumpkin will go bad no matter how you treat it. This year...1. because Mark is more aware of what's going on...2. because I want to spend more time on crafts with him and 3. I wanted to try something different...we aren't carving a pumpkin this year. However, we are still going to multiple pumpkin patches, so Mark can pick up any small pumpkin's he would like to add to our miniature pumpkin display for our dining room table. We keep this display up until Thanksgiving, so that's why we wait so late for the little pumpkins.

These Mini Pumpkins in adorable white, black, and orange (they also had other styles/colors) were $6. Totally worth it if you're going for that classic Fall look, like I am! These will be placed on my dining room table leaf runner with Mark's miniature pumpkin's adding a touch of Fall color to the room (I always let Mark paint his pumpkins...even if I needed to control the paint brush last year). can't have a Halloween without a Dawn of the Dead inspired candle holder. Stick a candle of any color or size into this baby, and the design is reflected onto the wall. It's beautiful! They also come in pink/purple, teal/green, and orange/black - they only had teal/green when I found them on the shelf (saw a lady walking around with multiple pink/purple earlier in the store. This was $5. 

While this was (to me) an amazing decor trip, guess what I forgot? Velcro. Go me.

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