Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ways To Improve Your Life

Written By: Hope Jennings

Do you set goals year after year, but becomes so busy that you give up on them by February? Make yourself a priority with our easy three step plan. Here's how to ENVISION, EVALUATE and ACT TO A BETTER SELF.

Step 1
Be the best you can be.

Envision your best self. Keep in mind that best means your own top form, not that of your mother, sister, friends or other women. It's not a contest. I've found it helps to think about my life in three manageable categories - body, mind and spirit. Then, I picture my best self in each one.

Step 2

Evaluate where you are right now, and decide what you'd like to change. Do you want to lose 20 pounds, read one book a month, take time each day to pray or see friends more often? How can you make it happen?

Step 3

Act towards your goals. Remember: small actions reap big rewards. It's like playing monopoly. My daughter always holds out for the big properties. I stockpile the cheaper ones, saving the small bits of rent money she pays when she lands on my houses in the "low-rent district." Guess who usually wins? I do, because all those little deals add up to one big win. The same principle holds true for reaching our personal goals - every little big helps. It won't occur overnight, but one day you'll wake up to a better, happier self.

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