Saturday, September 3, 2016

Day 59 ~ But...Today Isn't Going As Planned

Mark and I ended up sleeping wayyyyy past our alarm this morning and we completely missed our Monkey Gym in if we left after scrambling to get dressed and in the car, we would have made it for the "goodbye song." This is a bad habit....bad bad bad. Thankfully, t-ball is coming up and we'll be doing something else and won't be paying for this class for a few months.

A lady from my donation group found a baseball glove (adult size) that I can use to help Mark practice for his games. I'm excited! Definitely more excited than he is. I'm giddy!

So, why isn't my day going as planned? No idea.
Take breakfast for example... our plan was to get breakfast after Monkey Gym, but because we slept through it, we figured we'd get some (dining out with my mom) after picking up the baseball glove. Wanted to get the egg breakfast platter from McDonald's, but after a certain time, they aren't available, we tried to get to KeKe's (a breakfast place), BUT they had a line out the door, so we then tried to get to Denny's and when we got there every-single-parking-space-was-taken. UGH! So, IHOP is our last chance and if we can't eat there, I am taking Mark somewhere ---not sure where--- for a mountain of whatever he wants. Score! IHOP is available and Mark can finally have his eggs...but after we sat down he told me he wants pancakes instead. Figures.

Tropical Storm is long gone... making it's way past the Carolina's as we speak, but we're still getting slammed with pouring rain and severe thunderstorms that are producing tornado's. While little man took his nap, I snacked on some pepperoni (mainly so I wouldn't raid the fridge), cashews and seltzer.

Time to plan dinner...

2 hard oiled eggs, 1/2 tablespooon mayo with paprika, 4 butter lettuce leaves = egg salad wraps
sweet potato with butter and cinnamon
1 avocado
1/2 cup of ranch cauliflower

Good night everyone. We have a looooong day tomorrow!

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