Friday, September 2, 2016

Day 58 ~ Busy schedule, Healthy Lifestyle!

Today has been another day full of training via Facebook, with some added monthly challenges - which I need to finish tonight. I was so swamped with that this morning, that I completely missed breakfast. However, I did remember everything else in my morning routine. Dishes were put away, little man's breakfast was made (complete with juice), he was frozen in front of his favorite Nick Jr. shows, whipped up my morning smoothie with some of my GREENS and headed to grab my notebook and pen to start my day. What did I miss? My actual meal! While I was focused on my session, Mark got to spend some quality time with my dad, since he was off work today.

It wasn't until after I finished, that I went to ask Mark if he was ready for lunch time, did I realize that the frying pan on the stove wasn't used - which meant I didn't make breakfast for myself. However, I did stay scheduled on my supplements. 

The rest of my day slowed down a bit... little man helped me whip up some lunch for the both of us. He had spiral noodles with butter and sprinkle cheese with some cut up strawberries and juice, while I had a full plate of some yummy goodness (picture below)!

Avocado, Strawberries, Cheese, Turkey, Genoa Salami and a Sweet Potato with butter and cinnamon.
Seltzer (not pictured)

It was very filling and I'm sure I won't be hungry again (not the slightest) until at least 7pm (which is usually when I eat, after Mark). Thankfully, his meal was enough to help me get him down for a nap 30 minutes after lunch time.

Unfortunately, even with healthy food, my migraine appeared again...thanks to the rain. I had a ton of coffee and creamer yesterday, more than I like, just so I was able to controls yesterday's migraine, so I'm skipping on the coffee today. Today was flushing my body with some GREENS in water and taking some Motrin. If I need to take a nap later, I will.

Okay, so no nap, but I did manage to get some remodeling done in the bedroom, while having the migraine. Nothing I can do to fix it today :(

I'll be posting pictures soon, once it's finished that is.

Going to spend some time with little man. Good night everyone.

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