Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Day 29 & 30 - Utter Chaos with Sprinkles on Top!

So, the last three days, in a nutshell...

Life happens. Woo saa. 

*glares to my friends that dared me to do this* Actually Sunday, I was dared to do a 31 Day Challenge to help me build confidence in front of the camera while I talk about the supplements I use that help me lose weight. Monday was Day 1 and I was SUPER nervous. I can't remember how many "and's", "but's" and "um's" I had in the four minute video while I talked about our current bonuses and promotions.

I waited until Mark was down for his nap. It was an off day for both of us. I kept forgetting to take my supplements. Thought I put them in my purse, before heading out to Mark's gym class and then realized I didn't. Then Mark's gym class was canceled and since we missed last week, we couldn't have known ahead of time. Ugh!

Tuesday wasn't as bad with the video. I made little cue cards for myself (I did with the first video as well), but the topic was completely different and caught me off guard. Like how to talk about a specific rank without making it sound difficult. If I think too much about something, usually that something becomes more complicated than it really is. 

Today wasn't so bad either. I got to use my mother as a test subject, so it felt like some of the focus was off of me, so I was able to talk about the product more than worrying about stumbling over my words. And I somehow aced my Public Speaking class in college. Where is that professor now?

But, let's go back to our regular posts... I just had to get that off my chest. 

Day 29, Tuesday.

Other than what I mentioned above... Tuesday was the day that a majority of large donations came in for my Facebook donation group called Loving Hearts. I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned that on here before. I posted those throughout the day, took pictures of everything and posted when I had some downtime. I don't get much of that with a hyper toddler.

Shockingly enough, Mark lasted almost all day without a nap. I was planning on taking him to Monkey Gym at 5, but he ended sleeping straight through that class. I definitely wasn't complaining... he was asleep and quiet and I was finally able to think.

Mark and his buddy!
Day 30, Wednesday

A day to be super excited about. I had major plans to get a lot accomplished today....did it? Nope. It never does with a toddler, does it?

So, one of the big things we were planning for today was to go to monkey gym at 5pm. Mark finally passed out, again, at 2:30pm. I was hopeful. I even set an alarm for myself, in case I passed out with him. Sure enough, I did. Did the alarm go off? Yep. Did I stay awake? Nope. Ugh... not again! We did eventually wake 5pm...when we actually needed to be there. Double Ugh!

I did have one errand to run, but another bummer when you plan for something and you end up sleeping right through it. 

I had yet to do my third video for my challenge, so after spending some time at my friend, Kristine's house for Mark, I hurried home to use my mother as a test subject. hahaha. She was a willing, test subject. I'll post the video to the Facebook page, if it will let me.

How is my weight loss going?

I did measurements last night, just to kind of see where I am with that. I haven't completely totaled all of it, but I'm around 11 inches less than what I was when I started! I'm also still down 15.5 pounds... even though I actually shouldn't have weighted myself for a few more days.

What I need to work on, now that I'm healthy again....

  1. I need to get my butt back to the gym at 6:30am and get a good workout in for 3-4 days a week. Being sick really made me slack this week. I hate it. I seriously need those endorphins.
  2. I also need to get back into my rhythm of taking my supplements on my alarm schedule (yes, it is the only way I remember).
  3. I also need to remember to wear my FitBit... I've done long hard days with a lot of moving around and have forgotten to wear it. What's the point, right?
  4. And last, but not least.... I need to eat breakfast again. There is no point in taking these supplements if I'm not eating enough or when I need to be. Bring on the eggs and bacon!
If you would like to see anything in future posts, like product reviews or more pictures of anything, let us know.

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Good night everyone

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