Friday, July 1, 2016

Savannah Trip Day 4 - Au Revoir

Hello Everyone,

Day 4 is finally here and how I hate to say goodbye to Savannah. It was a wonderful, fun filled, much needed Girl's Weekend (kid free)!

Staybridge Hotel - Savannah, GA
But, before we left, we made a few stops on our way out of town. Goodbye comfy hotel bed... I will miss you!

We woke up around 8:30 am and headed down for breakfast... more yummy goodness. After breakfast (since I brought my camera down with me), we decided to walk to the Pirate's House (our only thing on the list we didn't get to see yet).

I took pictures to the Pirate's House and back to the hotel.


While it is a beautiful building, I'm not sure I would pay the prices of a room at The Brice Hotel. First of all, it's on the east side of the city, several blocks from any of the tourist areas (besides the Pirate's House, which is around the corner). You know how they talk about "location, location, location"? Well, they didn't think about that with this hotel.



This was probably the most beautiful house that I saw in Savannah. It was definitely well taken care of by the current owners. It also sits right next door to the Pirate's House, the oldest house in all of Savannah.

The Pirate's House - Savannah, GA
Thanks Kristine for the amazing picture!



I snapped a few shots, like the one's above, and we continued to walk back through the park for some pictures of the memorial monuments.

This is the Old Harbor Light - Savannah, GA
The Old Harbor Light, which is also known as the Savannah Harbor Rear Range Light, is located on East Bay Street in Savannah, GA. The light was created in 1858 to guide ships into the Savannah Harbor before the Revolutionary War. It was originally a red light, but it has been changed since then to meet our current lighting requirements. It was turned off in during World War II. It was relit again on January 11th, 2001.

As we made our way back to the hotel, in the park across the street, there was a few monuments that I wanted to check out before we had to check out of the hotel.

This was the lobby of our hotel, which used to be a Heinz warehouse.

Before heading to the highway and heading back to Florida, we stopped at Laurel Grove Cemetery to see where Girl Scout Leader - Juliette Gordon Low was buried.

Juliette Gordon Low

Military Memorial
After that, we hit the open highway.

We did make a lunch stop in Amelia Island for lunch...Slider's Seaside Grill. I, of course, picked something that you shouldn't pick at a beach restaurant...Caesar Salad. Of course, it was perfect, but I just wanted a quick bite because I wanted to go the to beach. They had tables outside in the sand. My flip flops quickly came off and my feet were in the sand in a heartbeat. This was our view from our table...simply beautiful.

Amelia Island, FL
Isn't it beautiful? Relaxing? Perfect? Yep. Yep. And Yep. Plus, next trip... we're totally going to Amelia Island. It took 15 minutes to get to the beach from the highway.

Slider's Dessert Menu
Apparently, you can ask for more... Slider's dessert menu was adork-able. Just sayin.

While I don't have many amazing pictures in this post from today, it was a travel day. Blame all the driving.


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