Thursday, June 30, 2016

Savannah Trip Day 3 - Shopping? Budget!

Hello Everyone,

This morning, we slept in until 8 am (yeah, I know), ate breakfast, and were out of the hotel by 9:30 am. I was sooo excited to see they had orange juice available this morning, I grabbed a cup and headed back to the room for my GREENS ON THE GO packets. Yes!

We planned on a day of shopping and site seeing throughout Savannah, but by the time we found the DOT bus, we decided to wing it. Yes, by the time... the map we were given at the hotel must have been old, because it didn't match the actual route or bus stop locations. It was very confusing.

Once we were on the bus, did we notice that the bus driver doesn't make complete stops, so it seriously felt like we were on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride mixed with the Tea Cups at Disney. (Sir, if you ever read this, we found it hilarious, but the other passengers were making faces.)

We rode the bus to the furthest point in Savannah that we wanted to (Forsyth Park), not only to see, but to take pictures.

There was also another place we needed to check out before making our way back to the hotel. Another hotel called "The Mansion." Yes, it does exist. It just doesn't look like Disney's 25th Anniversary Birthday Cake Castle.

Between Forsyth Park and the shopping central, we stumbled upon a few different places along the way... some absolutely beautiful places like the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and Colonial Park which was originally a cemetery until 1896.

Left picture: Odd, right? Right picture: Beautiful?

We also stopped by the Colonial Park (DAR - Daughters of the American Revolution) Cemetery. A majority of Savannah's founders are buried in there with their families. In memory of Patriots of War - American Revolution 1775 - 1783, the Savannah Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution in 1913 erected the park.

Besides the cemetery/park's history, there is also another significant individual within the walls of the cemetery/park. Below you'll see a head stone for a Mr. Button Gwinnett, who was the Georgia Signer of the Declaration of Independence, as well as the President of Georgia. 

 We toured the Girl Scout Leader - Juliette Gordon Low's Birthplace. Admission fee was $15. It's such a beautiful house - a lot of the furniture and décor are the originals, even down to the wall paper.

The closer we got to town, the more frequent we would see cafes and retail stores.

We also stopped by The Book Lady Bookstore complete with many first editions, as well as hardback books dating back to ____ (see picture).

There are several mini parks throughout Savannah and each should be visited. While we didn't see each one, there was a monument at almost every one. If there wasn't a monument, there was something historic about the area.

We stopped for lunch at Kayak Kafe that had AMAZING salads. Our dogs were seriously barking, so we needed to sit and hydrate!

Since we were finally 'in town', after finishing lunch of course, we decided to check out the stores. If you aren't able to visit, you need to check out their websites.
    • The Paris Market is beautiful, some items are expensive, but they certainly know how to help me decorate my future home. I grabbed a few things for my sister to "share" with me.
    • While I didn't make any purchases here, I suggest you check them out.

Apple Slices and Honey Comb
    • They have the most amazing honey. It is to die for! They even had a honey comb (that I had to buy) good enough to eat on apple slices.
    • Nourish is a bath and body store, complete with lotions and bath bombs. I purchased a few different items to review for you.
    • This is exactly like it says. I purchases a kitchen time for my son's time outs, yeah, not really for the kitchen. I also purchased a few kitchen towels for my mom since she's obsessed with them, 1 towel for my sister, a few cookie cutters for my son's birthday next month and an awesome bag saying "random crap" that is big enough for all my purchases. I think you can figure out which are my mom's and which is my sister's. I've also attached a picture of the designer of the towels (this can be found on the corner of each one).

    • While I didn't make any purchases here, I suggest you check them out.

Confetti Macaron
  • Marche de Macarons
    • Well, this is also self explanatory. They have the best macarons I've ever had; 20 flavors. They are double the size than any others I've seen and fresher.

There are a few other antique stores that we stopped at, that I can't remember the names of. But, once you're in one antique store, they kind of all look the same after a while.

Debi's Diner
I also stopped and had to take a picture of Debi's Diner, the diner that Jenny from Forrest Gump worked at. Yes, they painted the window as their attention getter. I'm sure it works, but it was 4pm ish and I only saw one customer. They have a very affordable menu.

Tonight, we will be grabbing some dinner at Olympis Café on River Street, before we go on our first Ghost Tour!

We need to check out by noon tomorrow and we've done everything we wanted to. We have already 1,000 pictures from our trip and we walked 22.26 miles.

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