Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Raw Honeycomb? Edible? Yes, it's Delicious!

Have you ever tried Raw Acacia Honeycomb?

I have and it is to die for. Seriously! The first time I ever tried it, was during Girl's Weekend in Savannah, GA, this past May. We stopped by a place called Savannah Bee Company and they had it available in their sample section. They also had all the different flavored honey's out to try. While I tried all of them, this was the one that got me HOOKED!

I was skeptical to try honeycomb at first, because well... I didn't know you could actually eat it. Since I ran out in June, I've been craving it. I also purchased just the regular Acacia honey in the tiny jar, but it's not the same. The honey is the same, but the consistency of honey from a jar and honey from a comb is completely different. I rather have the honeycomb.

Honeycombs are made up of wax cells. They are not only edible, but are very beneficial because they contain natural Vitamin A, as well as healthy roughage. Just don't eat the casing. This is an ongoing debate in my household and it might be in yours. I like it, it's natural, good for you and delicious on sliced apples. According to Savannah Bee Company, on their FAQs page which you can find here - 'honeycomb is best for people with allergies and asthma'. I would say consult your doctor if you have any food allergies, before playing the guessing game with this.

Vitamin A is essential for your good health. It promotes growth, the immune system, reproduction and vision.

Honeycomb needs to be stored differently than honey in jars. Honeycombs just need to be stored in a cool place in your kitchen, or wherever you'd like to keep it. If placed in the fridge, the comb can because stiff and make it more difficult to spread on crackers, cheese or apple slices. If you like your honey cold, just place it in the fridge for a few minutes before it becomes too hard to spread.

Bonus: Honey never spoils! You can't beat that!

On the Savannah Bee Company's website, you have the option of purchasing either one honeycomb, a min honeycomb or a value pack of 5. Me, being obsessed with the honeycomb, may be willing to purchase the value pack - yes, even for honey.

1. It won't go bad. Check!
2. It needs to be stored in a cool place. Check!
3. You don't need much and it will last a while. Check!

My first box of honeycomb I purchased the last week of May, throughout a Girl's Weekend and a Family Vacation (everyone having some throughout each of the trips), it lasted me until June 10th. Now, if I was the only one eating it, it would have lasted me much longer. But, that's to give you an idea.

Would you be willing to purchase this for a taste test? If you do, let me know what you think.


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